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Unconditional Love Without Judgment. To Move There, You Must Change Anything & Everything About You the Moment You Are Out of Harmony With the ALL

Thank you Lisa for this impromptu article of inspiration and explanation!

And so it is!
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Walking the Road to Shambhala

I am someone who almost never remembers a dream. In any given year I am happy to remember 3-5 dreams at all. This week, the dreams keep coming and coming and coming. I know this one from last night was literally an all nighter because I had woken up several times during the night, each time I was doing the same thing... hooking people up to their funnel clouds. lol

There is a massive tornadic energy happening now within the cylinder of Light. Literally the eye of the hurricane and all night, light (in my dreamtime) I was participating with it. It was forming singular funnel clouds... like spawning tornadoes. EAch funnel cloud belonged to someone on earth. I was running around... as if doing a reading on the people I was connecting to... and after the initial connection they either got the funnel cloud attached to their solar plexus.... or not.

In the streets tho, where the people were, it was complete pandemonium. People were running here and there... and it felt like they were seeking shelter. I had no idea from what and in the dream, I didn't care at all. I knew my job was to attach these funnel spouts to whom ever was aligned with this cylinder of Light.

The few people I connected to that did not get a funnel cloud, was interesting really. The only way I could describe it was they didn't exist to the degree the funnel cloud existed. There was nothing in their vibration to sync the funnel cloud with.

The one thing I have said over and over again... you can fool yourself and others around you, but you cannot fool the Light.. ever!

Shambhala is a frequency of Light. It is tones vibrations and Light and you either match its frequency by being in a place of deep Love within you, or not.

Shambhala, I have used this word many a time over the last several years. I think perhaps mostly to become comfortable with it upon my own tongue. But equally, to bring myself vibrationally to that place within me. This has all-ways been an inner journey for all of humanity.

There is a pureness of power in the fields of Shambhala. One that could so easily do harm if the human host does not have total control of their human field of energy.

The pure power of this frequency is shared to all those who opened their human vehicles to receive it. Look at it as an electrical plug and outlet. If you do not align with its frequency, you cannot plug into it. Fail safe stuff built into this game.

How do you align?
Unconditional Love without Judgement. To move into that place, you must be absolutely self-aware and change anything and everything about you the moment you are out of harmony with the All. That is to say...

If you have any conditions with your love... any judgements about anything, you are out of frequency. No worries here, the game is really just beginning in Real-ness... not ending at all.

What is a Judgement?
As a human, you are bearing witness to all possibilities. To bear witness to all of these possibilities without an emotion attached to it, is to become the Observer. To witness, learn from, but not get caught up in....

Judgement happens when we load ourselves up with feeling around something. Even, especially when that "feeling" seems justified. That justification is keeping you in a place of conditional love. Let me explain.

Let's talk about something current. Something may piss some people off (read above two paragraphs).

The Occupy movement. Most excellent movement of energy the world has seen in a long long time. We are now bearing witness to what appears to be negative events. Emotionally charged events.

The police physically harming some of the people within the movement. Some of these people are war veterans. There is no one on the face of this earth that really knows the karmic exchange that is taking place between those (who appear to be) harming and those (who appear to) being harmed. This is where you need most especially to observe and allow. Move higher into the frequency of unconditional non-judged love of the all. Send Light to the All, then move away and focus on what you personally can do for the greater good.

To get angry, to get revenge... that is to lower your vibration and movement of this world-changing cause.

Keep this thought with you: As you walk, you create.
Take deep inside of you and feel it. You are leaving an energetic footprint behind, and others of life vibration will find your footprints and link up with you. For you have always been seeking each other out to take you to the next level of the game. There are a tremendous amount of levels. For this, and all sharings coming thru me, the only road I am interested in is that one of Shambhala.

We cannot build what we do not have the tools to create with. One discordant frequency held longer than a day... and it... shambhala starts to fall apart. It is an energy field of creation.

If you were given one day. Just one day, the ability to instantly and effortlessly manifest anything you desire. What would that day look like to you? More importantly, what would the day after look like in your life?

Close your eyes right now... don't read another word. Imagine being in that day... that unlimited day of full use of your spiritual attributes. What are you creating with it?

Ok... the day after....

How did you change the world with your spiritual abilities? Is the world Lighter now, less hungry? More warm?

Or did you manifest the perfect job, car, lover, life ...whatever.. for yourself.

There is no right or wrong answer, that does not exist (right or wrong, that is a judgement).

I was gifted the most precious energy yesterday... (Thank you David, my Beloved) a little ditty by Three Dog Night, that holds the energy of the above question:

Everyone is helpful, everyone is kind
On the road to Shambala
Everyone is lucky, everyone is so kind
On the road to Shambala

On the Road to Shambhala.... we are One and Not self-serving!

So where is the road of your life taking you????

In the fields of Shambhala... I See You!

by Lisa Gawlas

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