Sunday, November 6, 2011

Think With Your Heart When Making Decisions. There Will Be Mistakes Made, But Mistakes Made Offer Opportunity To Grow and Learn: Not Seen As Failure

Thank you Creator and Julie!

And so it is.
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I Believe in You: Message from The Creator

Dearest children, what a beautiful and wondrous way to begin any day; to converse through this dear daughter and speak to all of you. I embrace each of you within the purity of my heart which is filled insurmountable love and light.

I am pleased beyond measure of all of your accomplishments, even the ones you do not see that are directly in front of you. The smallest achievement, even getting up in the morning when all you wish to do is stay in bed; that is an achievement. I know many dear sons and daughters that have had such troubled lives that they do not want to get up, get dressed, their motivation for life is deeply lacking. So when one does get up, and get dressed, this is wonderful achievement and accomplishment. Your achievements do not need to be only what is big and notable by others, but the small ones, the everyday ones that get overlooked need to be appreciated and recognized. YOU are ALL amazing and so very beautiful. I know it is hard to think so positive all the time when you are being faced with overwhelming circumstances. I see the hardships you have endured and I have seen you rise out of each one stronger than before. Stop undermining your own strengths; you have much to be proud of. My heart beams each and every time, you hold a strong, positive thought that helps move you forward even if it’s a baby step. I do not frown upon you when you do not have positive thoughts. I am there with you, so are many angels and guides that you may not be aware of. You are never ever alone dear sons and daughters.

I am there in your heart. Many have forgotten this, and are now seeing that there is a Spark of God; of me within them. This Spark has always been there, just waiting to be noticed and stirred to become a flame. And it is a joyous reunion when this Spark is noticed and the flame is given life. The warmth of the flame spreads throughout the body, the mind and even Spirit dearest children. As this flame grows, you find you want to learn more, do more and be more, and this is wonderful. When you are finally awake to the Light and Love of your Divine Path of aiding others, and speaking love and light to the world; a wonderful feeling of ‘knowing’ spreads through your entire being. A ‘knowing’ that you are doing the ‘right’ thing and it feels good. Your ability to aid others does not require you to spend a penny, only give from your beautiful heart, the time, and patience to listen, love and support from the wisdom and knowledge you have gained from your own journey so far.

Keep working at expanding that spark and if you have the flame within your own heart from lots of dedicated focus, keep stoking it, nurture it always. The light that you illuminate from this beautiful flame is breath-taking dearest children. This light will see you out of any darkness, should you find yourself in dark times. Within that flame is Hope, Faith, Compassion, Kindness and my favourite; LOVE. All these are not just to be shared with those who you are in contact with, but with yourself. LOVE yourself first of all dearest children. You know this and sometimes it’s good to hear this again, to remind you, YOU are worthy of love, and YOU are very lovable. Not matter where you came from to reach this point along your spiritual journey and growth, YOU deserve the perfect love and the perfect light that is absolutely unconditional. And the best part is that it comes from you. Do not be embarrassed to love yourself. You have fought your way through so much and when you felt you were not going to pull through, you do. The Inner-Strength you have proved countless of times ought to be proof enough of your own deserving self-love.

Watch yourself grow as you love yourself with compassion and mercy more often. You will notice you are drawn to other studies, learning new material you not have thought of before. You are being guided not just by me, but by your guides. You are encouraged to follow your heart to what resonates with you. What you find interesting that will encourage and uplift you further along your spiritual journey is personal dear children and you will know each and every time which new subject you wish to begin learning. Think with your heart when making decisions, know if what you are going to choose will be for greatest of good. That is a good start. There will be mistakes made, but mistakes made offer opportunity to grow and learn. They are not to be seen as negative or as failure. Turn those negatives into positives dearest children. I know you can, I have seen you do this so many times.

It has been a tremendous pleasure to speak to you my dearest children. And I surround each of you with the most brilliant and divine light, infused with my unconditional love as I take my leave of this dear one’s mind so she can continue with her day.

And so it is,
The Creator
by Julie Miller

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