Monday, November 14, 2011

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others. Your Spiritual Growth and Personal Achievement Is Filled w/Riches: These Riches Are Filled Within Your Heart & Soul

Thank you Gautama Buddha and Julie!
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You CREATE Your Own Happiness: Message from Gautama Buddha

Oh my dear children, it brings me great joy and delight to come forward and through this child of light to speak to all of you.

I have decided to come forward through this one today to speak of TRUTH. What is the truth? Many answers you seek to bring you truth to your own existence. Curious by nature you are. Seeking the truths that will eventually reveal who you are is an important part of your spiritual journey dear ones. And it is the TRUTH that you must discover to carry on fully from your heart.

The life journey that you are on has carried you through and past many hardships, you have survived difficult moments in your life and you have learned how strong you are and you have learned many truths. From infancy you have been taught specific ways, beliefs and customs. Through experiences you have learned many of those ways, beliefs and customs no longer hold the same value. They have been adjusted or upgraded to serve a more efficient YOU.

You will find you will discover and rediscover many truths and be amazed each time, also much wiser. Some of you are seeing through your wizened eyes that you do not require the toys and gadgets of the modern age to bring you to a true state of blissful happiness. You are learning TRUE happiness is not from what you are able to purchase, or receive from someone else’s money, but from within your heart. YOU create your happiness. You learn what makes you really, truly happy; what brings you the most joy.

In this day and age, money is essential for your basic living, and taking care of yourself and your family. It always has been this way; given that, I am aware that sometimes it’s hard to ignore what is viewed on your televisions, read in newspapers and you want what you see. The modern world makes it very difficult to live a simple life, but it is not impossible. You are able to choose what is good and what is not of the best for you no matter what decade you are in. YOU are in charge of YOU. You are in the driver seat of your destination. Your spiritual growth will continue as you continue to live and grow from the purity of your heart dear ones.

The temptations you face each and every day can easily be ignored when you focus within to your heart and what your heart desires, instead of what the mind thinks it wants. Cravings do not come only for food but for things. Learn to curb your cravings even for these objects that will not bring you the true state of happiness or spiritual awareness that have become an essential part of your life. Be satisfied with what you are able to bring into your home, into your life and not worry what you cannot. Making your goals reachable which will reduce the stress of trying to attain high out-of-reach goals. And do not forget to congratulate yourself each time you are able to achieve what it is you have been working so hard for. Appreciating yourself and what you already have is important dear ones. Look around you; do not see what is not there, but what is there. Stop comparing yourself to others. Your spiritual growth and personal achievement is filled with riches. These riches are filled within your heart and soul. No, you cannot spend them as money, but you share these riches selflessly with others as easily as breathing. Your selflessness brings you many rewards that propels you forward on your spiritual journey to further enlightenment.

The delight and joy I am feeling from our discussion today is bigger than any mountain imaginable. My heart is overflowing with so much love. The daily struggles you go through and the larger life challenges you have surpassed have created a wiser and more knowledgeable son or daughter of God from when you first began your recent incarnation. Rejoice in the fact that there’s more to come. I am pleased today with our discussion and with that I am departing but I am never very far. May peace, love and harmony reach your hearts, your homes and deep within your soul always.

And so it is,
Ascended Master, Gautama Buddha
by Julie Miller

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