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The Godspark Within You Is The Same As The Godspark Within Us. We ALL Share The Same Divine Heritage. We Are Just Wearing a Different Costume

Thank SaLuSa and Laura for this beautiful yet sobering reminder of negative emotions (like anger) influencing us and enabling lower vibrating entities to attach themselves to us during our emotional outbursts! yikes & ouch ...I need to clear myself!!
*** gavin

SaLuSa to me 20th Aug 2011: You are Bringing God’s Power on Earth
(emphasis added)

Laura: Good evening SaLuSa. Here is a question from readers: “How can all we (the ground crew) work together more harmoniously, effectively and consciously in the immediate future? ...In order to spread the Truth, maintain the Light (dissipate fears), anchor the Love energies in the hearts and minds of the human collective?”

: Good evening dear ones. The incoming energies are helping your awakening. There is very little you can “do” at the moment, as the bulk of energies coming to your planet from the Universe are shaking the old paradigm. The light is also radiating from Mother Earth now, her light is shining brightly. Right now, we recommend you keep grounded to the maximum and stay in connection with her at all times.

Try to remain grounded while meditating still, and while you are in movement, or doing practical work. We refer to this as a form of prayer, a prayer to your inner God. If you can listen to your Godspark, you will know what is needed at all times. It is the most important thing to do right now: to stay with your Godspark as long as possible throughout your day.

Very often the energies are trapped in your body, in your head, in your emotions. Your body carries a tremendous amount of energy. Your energy levels are dissipating throughout the day. One way of saving your energy, in order to use it in a positive way, would be avoiding arguments, and emotional energy waste. Anger outburst, endless arguments are contributing to this waste of energy in a dramatic way.

In general, with the ongoing situations at the moment, in order to maintain as much positivity as possible, we recommend you avoid expressing any negative emotions. Once this trend starts erupting, it will be very difficult to stop. Avoid confrontations as much as possible and chose to walk away from potentially explosive and harmful situations. Let all hurts, anger and negativity drop on the ground. Mother Earth will carry them away from you.

Negativity and anger spreading are contributing in maintaining the old paradigm. The power of violence and verbal abuse is exponential at this moment in time. Everything is magnified and its power gains momentum when navigating in these dark waters. You integrity is affected and you become corrupted by dark entities when you allow yourself to descend into these type of vibrations. It is a lot easier for dark negative entities to attach themselves on to you and to influence your thoughts and actions when you descend in these lower vibrations.

You have to become Light, dear ones. Be light at heart, have light vibrations, be in light moods. You will in turn attract to you beings of similar vibration, in resonance with you, who will be able to guide you in the appropriate way on your journey. We have already spoken of the important role your guides have for you. You will be far more receptive to their thoughts when you resonate in harmony with their light vibrations if you are closer to light frequencies.

In order to anchor the Love energies in the hearts and minds of the human collective, one must have Love deeply anchored within one’s own heart. One’s actions must be Love and more importantly, one must embody Love. You dear friends, just like Mother Earth does right now, will have to cleanse your body from any remaining impurities. Your Godspark can also help you do that. Keep your Godspark close to yourself all day, in all actions and in all thoughts. Allow your Godspark to circulate freely within your own body and clear all blockages there. Allow it to clear all past hurts and traumas. Allow it to return moment after moment, again and again to Source, to your inner energy flow.

Be connected to the energies flowing within you dear ones. This means being conscious of the energies manifesting in your body, in your spine and around your aura field. Be aware of your divine nature dear ones; be aware of your divine role at this time. When you are bringing your attention on your own Godspark, you are consciously connecting yourself to the Godspark of all living beings. Together you are all consciously connecting to God this way. Furthermore by bringing God into your own lives, you are bringing God’s power on Earth. You are collectively uplifting each other and Mother Earth by bringing the Divine will in your world.

Laura: Thank you very much SaLuSa. I believe you wished to give us an update now.

: Yes dear one. We are crossing a rather dense energy field at the moment. You will find the vibrations directed towards you by the Cosmos are not as pure and clean as they recently have been. The rhythm is somehow slowing down in your uplifting journey, which is a necessary step. You will also find yourself revisiting the past more often than not and with this your mind will travel into the past. Take this opportunity to better understand the past by reliving it. Accept the past for what it is and try not to generate the same pattern in the future.

Do not be disturbed by the increasing amount of volcanic and tectonic activities right now. Nothing of significant scale will come from it, as Mother Earth is doing all she can to protect you by trying to control her movements. We are also here, should our presence be required and are ready to intervene openly or not, shall we say.

We are still not fully embraced and welcomed by most of you. The reason for this being ignorance, fear and disinformation. Many of you see us as conquistadors or some sort of demons. Dear friends, the Godspark within you is the same as the Godspark within us. We all share the same divine heritage. We are just wearing a different costume, we have evolved differently from you and we learnt to walk on a different land than you.

The Beings allowed within your sphere are those who also share a common genetic background to yours. So you will understand each other more harmoniously. Understand dear ones, that life is far more than what has been taught to you. Every thing lives in the Universe, but resonates at different vibration rates. Animals are alive, but so is stone. You cannot perceive rock, soil, molecules as living matter yet perhaps, but they also are part of the divine. When you will fully ascend, you will understand the beauty of our interconnected worlds, our interdependence and our Creator’s love for all life.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and encourage you to meditate on your true divine nature and on our true bond. You are aware of us, as we are aware of you, dear ones. Perhaps it is a matter of questioning the values and ideas imposed upon you from the outside. It is time you reconsider what you recognize as truth. In the process you may make new discoveries about yourselves and about us. The sooner you are able to see we are truly part of the One same family, the sooner we will be together.

Thank you, SaLuSa
by Laura Tyco


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