Thursday, August 25, 2011

As You Raise Your Vibration To Higher Frequencies, Critical Mass Will Be Achieved: This Higher Vibration Will Spread In & Around Earth & the Omniverse

Thank you Archangel Zadkiel and Linda for this wonderful elaboration of the importance of compassion, and its relation to our Ascension!
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Archangel ZADKIEL - "Compassion" September 2011

Greetings My Beloveds,
I greet you in Love and Light.

Compassion is a quality that is greatly needed in these times of ascension and change, and it is a quality that can assist your own progression and ascension. When you practice compassion and allow it, along with Love, to become a central part of your Being, you are increasing your capacity to rise to a higher frequency.

Compassion allows you to have empathy and understanding for another person or situation. You are able to send Love for what is occurring, as you suspend judgment, for you realize what you are witnessing is a moment or drama in the great cosmic scheme and dynamic of ascension. Each event that occurs allows the Souls involved to gain wisdom and understanding.

If you are personally involved in an event, have compassion for yourself first and then allow the compassion to ripple out to everyone involved. Know that each person has played a part in the greater understanding at a Soul level. When you view a situation in this way, you are able to suspend judgment and replace it with compassion for everyone involved. Many Soul contracts have been made for the advancement of the ones directly involved as well as for those who are observers. A situation that is viewed with compassion can yield lessons of a higher nature and can result in a change of perspective, intent and action. It may result in kindness being practiced more often, or it may lead to a more careful analysis of events rather than a rush to judgment.

When you show compassion for another Being, you are also showing compassion for yourself. Other Beings and situations are reflections and mirrors for what lies within each person. The potential for that trait is there, even though it may not be outwardly expressed. When a person or situation is viewed with compassion, you are actually viewing yourself with compassion. Using the Violet Flame around any feelings of judgment can allow these feelings to be transmuted and replaced with compassion and understanding.

Beloveds, know that showing compassion for others can be a bridge for understanding between individuals, cultures and worlds. Each individual, culture or world has its own customs and beliefs. While these practices may be different from your own, having compassion and Love for those who are different from you can form a bridge for peace and harmony.

Compassion begins in your Sacred Heart Center. You carry within your Sacred Heart Center a Divine Spark of the Supreme Creator. As you focus your attention on your Divine Spark, you realize you're part of something much greater. You begin to realize the qualities of something much greater are within your Divine Spark. Qualities of Love, goodness, understanding, purity, peace and harmony all reside there. As you continue to focus on your own Divine Spark within and the qualities it carries, you may feel a sense of Love and peace. The more you focus on your Divine Spark, the more the qualities it contains will grow. You will begin to realize these qualities at a feeling level, and they will permeate your entire Being. You will have a greater appreciation for yourself as a Spark of the Creator, and this will lead you to view yourself and others in a more compassionate way.

When you expand your focus to include the Divine Spark within others, feelings of Love and compassion for them are a natural next step. This allows you to realize each Being came forth from the same Source. Even though you may not agree with how they have used their free will, you are able to feel Love and compassion for them because of their Divine Spark within.

Your Mother Earth can also benefit from your Love and compassion. She is a living organism, and she feels your compassion while she is also undergoing her own ascension process.

When you begin to focus more and more on Love and compassion, these feelings ripple out to touch all with whom you come in contact as well as flow out into the ethers. These feelings are of a higher vibrational frequency and benefit all who receive them.

As more and more of you raise your vibration to higher and higher frequencies, critical mass can be achieved, and this higher vibration will spread around your planet, into your Earth and into the Omniverse. Having an ongoing awareness of and focus on compassion is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and others.

Beloveds, we send you much Love and Light as you expand your focus on compassion for yourself and the greatest good of all.

Know you are greatly loved in the Light.

I AM Archangel Zadkiel
Channeler: Linda Robinson

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