Friday, July 8, 2011

When Light Arrives From Above, It Magnifies EVERYTHING Leaving Our Personal Imbalances (Non-loving Energy) Over-exaggerated & Brought to the Surface

You'll be sorely missed Karen! Look forward to seeing you in the 5th Dimension, and maybe even in Agartha!
Many blessings to you,
*** gavin

We have settled into a pattern with our evolutionary process (at least until things change a bit, and then who knows how things will unfold). With so much cleared away in recent years, the last tendrils are now experiencing this pattern, as we are most assuredly all in this together. The pattern has been, and will be for a while, all about cleansing.

Personal physical, mental, and spiritual cleanses will be ever present, as will the cleansing of the earth. The pattern manifests
as a great pushing when the higher energies arrive, leaving us feeling overwhelmed, strangely hysterical, tense and touchy, and even as though we are swatting at some invisible flies. Boundary issues arrive as well, as everything is being ousted from its normal space by the pushing energies from above. We may feel like crying, like there is nowhere that we remotely belong, and wonder where in the world we are. We may become depressed and feel very uncomfortable as so much darkness is up and out. Our surroundings may feel strange, we may be unable to interact with others (feeling bewildered and lost when we try), and our dreams at night may be very strange as well, as there seems to be anyone and anything showing up in them! And nothing, but nothing, feels remotely familiar.

After a phase of "pushing," we are then in a new space, if ever so slowly having arrived there in small and incremental steps. We break through into new territory slowly but surely, arriving in spaces and with interactions that begin to fit us so much better. So then, after a pushing and cleansing phase is over, we may feel great! We connect to the new in rapid time, anything we think about shows up instantaneously, and there is more love and caring present than in times past.

As we slowly but steadily push out the old, the new arrives, whether in physical form or in regard to the new heart energy the new world will center around. Empty, fill, empty, fill, empty, fill. This will be the pattern for quite some time. So even though we may be feeling empty, shallow, hollow, and like a cardboard cutout, we are simply emptying out in order to embody more of the heart energy.

When the light arrives from above, it magnifies everything that still exists. In this way, what is left of our personal imbalances, or rather where we are not total heart energy within ourselves, becomes over-exaggerated and comes to the surface. If we are a domineering person, we become VERY domineering. If we like to be in charge and dictate, we become much more of that trait. If we like to share news, we cannot seem to shut up about whatever is occurring around us. If we are a communicator, we begin to jabber away like a rambling broken record! And if we like to assist others, we OVER assist and cannot keep centered and still. These higher energies that magnify so much, are also creating the "too busy to keep up" experiences as well. In time, many will find that being so busy is far too stressful, and this will assist in bringing about the many changes that are needed on the planet. We will once again return to simplicity and to what is really and truly important. And know that feeling invisible is still a fundamental experience of the ascension process!

Eventually, after much of everything is cleared away, the heart energy will comprise the dominating energy that all of us embody, and after this occurs, things will really begin to snowball with the love energy taking over the planet. But until we reach this threshold, be prepared for cleansings and more cleansings to arrive.

I have enjoyed bringing forth these messages for so many years, and promised I would continue until I culminated and ended my prior calling with this last book, Heart in the Night in this way, I continued a bit longer than anticipated (my guides were very adamant that this book be released before I moved on!). This work for me then, is now complete. (My new space and new endeavor is contained on the Gama Books website.) As we begin to find our own ways within this new and different structure, we will soon come to find there are new spaces waiting just for us. Our old roles are now over, and God and the universe will always, but always, take care of us in times to come.

As this is my last e-mail message to you, know that this e-list will be destroyed immediately after I post this message. Your e-mail address has never, nor will ever be, shared or sold to anyone. I shall dearly miss all of you! But for now ------------

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life during these miraculous times... with my heart to yours,


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