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A Very Large Number of You Have Been Working For Lifetimes To Bring The Ideas For These Essential Changes To Your Human Sisters & Brothers

Thank you Steve for your interpretation of this posting from Saul and John! Thank you Saul and John for your wisdom!
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I’d like to take a look at Saul’s July 20, 2011 message at more length because it’s of a type that we haven’t heard a great deal of until now. Most of Saul’s messages have been one of two types: either they tell us what is wrong with terrestrial society at the present moment or else they tell us what the shape of society will look like when things have been put right.

However, this message fits into neither of these categories. Instead it tells us what we now must do as the situation is actually being put right. In other words, it seems to suggest that the last phase of bringing down the Illuminati is occurring and helps us see how to position ourselves and respond so as not to create further karma and suffering.

Saul starts off by by telling us that this is his purpose:

“Humanity has arrived at a very important stage of its spiritual evolution, as it moves from attitudes of distrust and defense against one another to a profound and permanent realization that loving cooperation is the only practical way to live together on the jewel that is Planet Earth.”

He sees us as moving from one phase to another, from the breaking of the grip of the force that conditioned us to distrust and defensiveness against one another (the Illuminati) to a time of needing to forge bonds of loving cooperation as the new paradigm for life on this beautiful planet.

He seems to know that we have difficulty believing, amid all the destruction and damage we see around us, that major changes for the better are in fact occurring:

“As you look around at the damage that has been done and that continues to be done to the whole ecosystem, including humanity, for self-centered personal gain, it is difficult for you to believe that major changes in perspective and behavior are already in progress worldwide. Nevertheless, they are.”

He acknowledges lightworkers and starseeds for the work they’ve done over lifetimes to bring us to this point:

“A very large number of you have been working for lifetimes to bring the ideas for these essential, wonderful, and enlightened changes to your human sisters and brothers in order that they may be put into effect to enable all to live in peace and abundance.”

He foreshadows the arrival of NESARA or the abundance program, that will equip us to end conditions of poverty and need on the planet:

“There is no need for poverty, deprivation, or repression to be endured anywhere, and the work that is being done to bring an end to endemic worldwide privation will ensure that no one is left in need.”

He warns us that the unprecedented arrangements are complex and will result in some early confusion:

“The changes that will occur to bring in peace and abundance for all are very complex, and the preparations necessary to bring them about are approaching completion. But there will be some confusion initially as the changes start to occur, because they are quite unprecedented – nothing like them has ever been undertaken during Earth’s long history.”

He tells us that the time of separation is beginning and that many of us will either withdraw from some relationships or else become closer in others. This reflects the dark withdrawing and the Light coalescing.

“Many of you are having, or have friends or relatives who are having, severe personal relationship difficulties in which it seems impossible to find any meeting point between the myriad differing perceptions you have of one another.”

Not only is this separation what Emmanuel called “a natural step in the mass-ascension process,” (1) but it is also our signal to begin our personal cleansing and completion process even more diligently than we have in the past so that our vibrational level is freed to rise even higher, if we are to ascend (and the vast majority of us will). Just as the Earth will be terraformed and restored to its original pristine condition, so are we to be cleansed and restored to our original condition.

“At this time all the issues that you individually need to address in your lives, so that love and forgiveness can replace the many negative and damaging attitudes to which you have been so attached for so long, are coming to the surface of your conscious awareness in a very emphatic manner, as part of these necessary changes in perspective and behavior. This is, to say the least, very unsettling for you, especially if they are issues with which you thought you had already dealt satisfactorily, or even issues which may seem to you not to be your issues at all!”

We must recognize that so many of us will be experiencing emotional turmoil at this time. Let me add my own word here: most people will not know what is transpiring. They’ll experience the emotional turmoil without understanding how to regard it or what to do. So it falls to us to alert them to the fact that all of Earth’s population will be going through an emotional cleansing. Let me cite Saul first and then return to this theme:

“This is a time for great patience and compassion as you are not alone in your emotional turmoil. Everyone with whom you interact is going through his or her own previously unaddressed personal issues, indicated by physical and/or emotional discomfort or pain.”

It’ll fall to us to tell others to allow this cleansing process to happen, to stand unperturbed in the face of it, to allow the old memories that are incomplete to rise to the surface, and to experience whatever emotions accompany them to completion, without reacting or resisting. We’ll not only need to do this ourselves now, but we’ll also need to coach others.

Our egos will fight us over this process. They’ll want us to survive and see what is happening as a threat to our survival, when in fact it is a contribution to our advancement. The ego does not know that our survival is guaranteed no matter what, so it is a poor guide to follow. Here is where our deeper selves must take the helm and steer the ship.

“Being a human is very demanding because your egos are constantly striving to get you to focus your attention on your worries and fears….”

Saul puts the process we are going through as lessons to be learned, whereas I put it in terms of incomplete experiences to be completed. But either perspective is quite fine as long as we now “learn our lessons” or complete our experiences.

“…and when this occurs it is very difficult for you to focus on the lesson that the discomfort is attempting to draw to your attention. Even when you are aware that there is a lesson that you are meant to be learning, it can still be extremely difficult for you to understand what the lesson is.”

Casting it in terms of a lesson may have some of us search for the lesson which would have us invoke the mind. But the mind is the thing that got us into difficulty in the first place. I’d rather we just simply completed the experience rather than use the mind to try to figure it out. And Saul says that he prefers that as well. He advises us to accept what we feel and experience at this time rather than to “work out the reason for it” and he also says that reasoning it out invokes the ego/mind, which is the original source of the problem.

“Mostly it is simply to accept. To accept whatever state it is that you are experiencing, rather than trying to work out the reason for it and correct it. Because as soon as you start to reason your ego becomes involved, making judgments, and suggesting to you that you have already done the work and learnt your lessons.”

He gives us a picture of what the mind does, which only prolongs the suffering by having us not be willing to endure the feelings which the mind rejected in the first place.

“It reminds you of previous suffering you experienced when dealing with the ongoing issues of being human, and tells you that you have surely been through enough already. This leaves you feeling rather helpless because it seems that there is no solution, and this seems very unfair. You may even feel ‘Well, what on earth does God want me to do? Can’t He see that I am doing my best? Doesn’t He see how much I am hurting?’”

He tells us that the final goal is to open our heart. This certainly fits well with enlightenment theory which points to the being’s natural state, permanent liberation, or sahaja nirvikalpa samadhi, as being a state characterized by a permanent heart opening.

“Well, God only wants you to open your hearts and accept the abundance of Love that He is offering you. Nothing else!”

So, yes, what Saul says here fits with the teachings of the wisest on Earth. And he tells us that as long as we use our minds to figure things out rather than remaining open to life and experiencing to completion what life brings us, we effectively close ourselves to God’s Love.

“But as long as you believe that you have issues to resolve, lessons to learn, and are attempting to resolve them with your mind, you effectively close your hearts to the Love that is constantly offered to you.”

So a posture of acceptance is what he recommends as the way to awaken from the nightmare. And I agree. But he doesn’t mean a posture of passive submission to life’s circumstances. Rather he means a willingness to experience what life brings us, which is a different matter.

“Acceptance of your situation just as it is, without trying to figure out the reasons for it, will decrease your stress levels and start encouraging your hearts to open to receive God’s Love. This will lead you towards awakening from the nightmare, the illusion in which it seems that you have your existence.”

In my view, we are now entering a different phase of the Ascension process. The Company of Light are no longer trying to enroll us in their view of what is not working in society or in their view of the final destination. They seem to realize we are in mid-process and appear to want to coach us now in how to orient to the process of deconstruction of the dark that is well underway and how to begin the process of construction of our new paradigms and ways of living that will lead us to Ascension.

As Winston Churchill said, in another context: “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” (2)

Commentary by Steve Beckow discussing Spirit Guide Saul's posting channeled by John Smallman originally found at...


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