Tuesday, July 5, 2011

As The Moment For Your Awakening Approaches, It's Imperative You Acknowledge Your Awareness of the Unreality In Which You Appear To Be Living

Once again I thank you, Saul and John, for reminding me how silly we have been creating and living in this world of illusion!
*** gavin

Your Search for Meaning in Your Lives is a Search For That Divine State

As the countdown to awakening continues, many of you will experience bodily symptoms, or are already doing so, that are strange and to which you are quite unaccustomed. This is all due to the rise in frequency that is necessary and that is occurring in preparation for the transition that you, all life forms, and the planet will undergo at the moment of awakening.

It will be a moment of unprecedented amazement and joy as the realization dawns on you of how dearly you are loved by your heavenly Father. It was He Who created you in a divine ecstasy of Love, and He has never forgotten you – and never could – although it appears that you have forgotten Him. But in truth you have not! It would be impossible for you ever to forget the experience of His infinite, eternal, and unconditional Love for you. Utterly impossible!

Your search for meaning in your human lives is a search for that divine state, which, within the illusion, is inaccessible to you. You are, as humans, so shut down and limited that even the concept of God’s Love entirely escapes you, leaving you with an anxious and inexpressible longing that can drive you to despair, because you appear to be such tiny and insignificant beings of very little worth in the overall scheme of things. This is why you developed an ego that drives you to compete and display yourselves as special, noble, able, and competent beings in your desperate attempts to escape from the apparent reality of your total insignificance.

The illusion is nothing; it is wholly illusory: a concept that you imagined and developed as you played within it. But as you played, new ideas kept occurring to you, and you added them to this non-existent, mythical realm in which you think you are living, constantly enlarging it. As it continued to expand, until it seemed to be an infinite universe filled with astonishing objects and limitless possibilities for new experiences and adventures, the immensity of it overwhelmed you. You had lost control of your thoughts, and they increased and expanded beyond the boundaries of your perception, leaving you feeling ever smaller and less significant.

“There must be gods who control all this” you reasoned, as your environment became increasingly unsafe, ominous, and threatening. You invented rituals, prayers, and sacrifices to these imaginary gods in the vain hope that they would protect you from whatever terrified you in this ever-threatening environment.

But always within you the divine Flame of your Father’s infinite Love for you continued to burn, offering you the Light you needed to lead you out of your self-made nightmare, and Home to the Reality of His loving embrace. It has always been there for you, and yet you have chosen mostly to ignore It as you attended to the fears and distractions of your imaginary reality, which you had convinced yourselves was real, and very threatening.

Now, as the moment for your awakening approaches, it is imperative that you acknowledge your awareness of the unreality of the world in which you appear to be living. Reason alone makes it quite clear that a god of infinite wisdom and love would never place his beloved children in an environment that was not totally supportive of them. And in your intense desire to find meaning in your lives you are turning to the Light within you, which beckons continually, and you are seeking its guidance to lead you Home. You have spent eons ignoring It or hiding from It, but It has waited patiently in the knowledge that eventually you would turn to It and allow It to lead you out of the nightmare and Home to God. It is but an awakening from an intense and frightening nightmare into the divine Reality where, at every moment, you enjoy your eternal existence. The nudges that you are receiving to awaken you can no longer be ignored; the end of your long slumber is inevitable, and the joy when you awaken will be wondrous.

With so very much love, Saul.
by John Smallman


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