Tuesday, July 12, 2011

When Emotionally Charged, You're Operating From Your Ego Resulting in Attacking or Defending Your Position & Never Coming to Agreement: Change This

Spiritual progress occurs when you allow yourselves to listen to your intuition

The progress humanity’s spiritual development has made over the last half-dozen decades is truly phenomenal, as you moved from inflexible self-righteousness to a willingness to question your beliefs and investigate their validity. This has enabled you to understand how limited is your ability to differentiate between truth and untruth using only the power of reasoning. To reason, you have to have a starting point and a set of assumptions from which to develop your argument; if the assumptions you choose are incorrect then the whole exercise becomes meaningless. If further information becomes available, the assumptions can be changed and a new argument developed. Obviously, your scientific knowledge has grown as a result of working in this fashion, as old assumptions found to be incorrect are replaced in ongoing scientific research, but progress is slow and tedious.

Spiritual progress occurs when you allow yourselves to listen to your intuition – the gentle nudging that suggests an alternative way to look at an issue. It requires you to reassess previous assumptions, or conclusions made when you had difficulty accepting that the views of others with whom you disagreed might have some validity. As you acknowledge the divine Flame within you, you become more loving, enabling you to be more accepting of others and their views instead of dismissing them out of hand; you recognize that they, like you, are working their way through suffering and disappointment, and need your love not your judgment.

Open discussion is the only satisfactory way to resolve issues. When those attempting to resolve issues have firmly held views and refuse to consider the possibility of changing their position, discussion becomes fruitless. In your illusory environment there is no perfect answer to a problem; perfection is only found in Reality. In the illusion, open discussion and negotiation to resolve problems are essential, and everyone involved must honestly and lovingly search for solutions that benefit all who will be affected by them. You have progressed to the point where you know this is true. Nevertheless, some still do not honor the need to respect others and treat them honestly and fairly, which is why there are still so many conflicts in so many areas of human endeavor.

As Light-bearers your task is to bring this to the attention of all with whom you interact, gently but firmly. This is best done by being very aware of your own feelings as situations develop, and by ensuring that your input or responses are not emotionally charged. If they are, then you are operating from your ego, which is very likely to result in attacking or defensive reactions from those with whom you are interacting – loved ones, friends, work associates, corporations, governments, or nations – whatever level of human society is involved. Obviously it can be slow and painstaking work, but it really is the only effective way to achieve problem-solving results that satisfy everyone.

Be the Light-bearers that you truly are, and come to all situations bearing love and respect, so that trust can be established and meaningful discussions ensue. When you succeed with this method of interacting and issues are resolved to the satisfaction of all, everyone leaves feeling uplifted by the experience of being respected, honored, and trusted. Honoring people in this way helps them to uncover the divine Flame within them, possibly for the first time, and nudges them towards awakening. Everyone wants to awaken, but many are afraid to do so. By honoring and trusting them you ease their fear and assist them enormously in their awakening process.

With so very much love, Saul.
by John Smallman


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