Sunday, July 17, 2011

Always With Divine Love, We'll Be Intimately Assisted With Every Step We Need To Take, Necessary For The Completion of This Galactic Ascension

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The Divine Flame of Life & Our Eternal TRUTH

"The purpose of the heart is to know yourself, to be yourself and yet one with God." Edgar Cayce.

From the One Breath, Life was breathed into form. The One Breath within which all Universes are suspended and without which Life can not be. Light sparks of iridescence breathed into all levels of existence imbued with unconditional Love at its core, afforded the mystery of eternity, to birth evolutionary consciousness through all life... all time lines... and in all ways....

It is this miraculous breath which circulates around and within all things, including within our bodies... this breath of lifeforce ...of mysterious infinite power. The more conscious we become of the sacred breath we breathe each precious moment, the more we can welcome the embrace, to transcend and transmute limitations to unleash our greater capacities and awaken deeper levels of the endless mystery powers contained within all existence, of which humanity is one life form... intimately connected to everything, everywhere.

The way of the heart is also known as The Breath and is one of the Sacred Teachings of initiation designed to assist and facilitate conscious awakening relevant now, in these auspicious 'ascension' times.

New Cosmic Light frequencies, potentized with unifying power, are opening interdimensional doorways and portals of connection, revealing the infinite links between our individual sacred heart, to the heart of our Mother Earth, to the heart of the Cosmic Heavens, to the heart of all Life everywhere as One.

Gentle rhythmic frequencies vibrating at higher resonance levels, pulsing a new Universal language Code of Light have awoken from deep cellular memory within the mysteries of all Life-- recognised by the wisdom of all hearts, to now re-open, re-awaken and re-member our intimate connection to the Divine within ourselves and in all things. Cosmic pulses are helping us to spark and rekindle the glowing embers of our Flame of Love ... the Divine Flame of Life... our Eternal Truth.... We are each a Flame within the Cosmic Heart Fire of Creation able now to unify-- capable of shining our heart Light brilliance into our world.

Humanity is rising to the Universal call to unify and embrace our long forgotten sacred inner StarLight radiance. As a species, we are re-claiming the knowing of our natural and direct attunements with the vibrating Universal frequencies of pure, endless Love which flow to and through all beings. Personal recall is triggering powerful activations as we are remembering our original blue prints... magnifying states of awareness into higher calibrated centres of consciousness, as infinite beings of Love standing up in re-claimed authentic Light power, balanced and centred in our heart space. "Life without Love, is like a Tree without blossoms or fruit," Khalil Gibran.

As we raise our awareness like Flames of the Phoenix from the ashes of our former selves, humanity's stance to envision with open heartedness our connection with the way of the Divine Heart, will align us through dimensions of so called time and space, with the Cosmic Heart of all Creation. Linking direct connection with our sacred ancient selves into each loving, conscious breath breathed in every moment, humanity is now being asked to keep our sacred heart open and to feel our direct connection to all Life within our beings and everywhere around our selves.

The impact each person has in the world is far greater than can be imagined ...for everything we think, feel, say and do directly affects ourselves and the people in our lives... directly affects all things everywhere ...this has always been. The choices we make, create ripples which forever move outwards touching and influencing everything in their path within the fields of consciousness everywhere.

Each of us carries within, the capacity to change the world in small and various ways for better or for worse. Our choice awaits us... our chosen ways effect what we create in this world our choices create the type of world in which we choose to live. The consequences to our choices are always far reaching.

The Cosmic doorways are open now for our evolutionary ascension where we individually can make the choice to step up our vibrations to allow our entrance into an anchored higher dimensional, peaceful existence, yet our passage through these open Cosmic doorways going forward, requires each one of us to make the choice and be with Love for ourselves and for all Creation. What we face, is pure potential, gifts of opportunities to reveal to ourselves the truth of who we are at the core of our beings.

With Love we are and will be intimately assisted with every rapidly evolving step we now need to take, necessary for the completion of this Galactic Ascension 'Shift of the Ages' which now begins to accelerate more intensely in its potency as our entire Solar system enters its journey into the prophesied higher dimensional realities of what is to be.

As decending and ascending spiral vortexes ignite from the above and below worlds within worlds, awakening patterns of 'knowing' structures, unlocking once hidden mysteries and veiled wisdom and ways within previously dormant DNA structures ...the firing of new synapses ...birth new dreams into existence, igniting and unifying connection with past, present and future realities, in the now... unleashing the Truth of our Being and of our being here in these miraculous times.

Paradise on Earth is the future new world creation, which requires each one of us to become the due custodians and guardians of all that's sacred here and our heightened evolutionary Spiritual growth into all we are now becoming, births the dawning of our new Golden race.

"There has never been a time where we have not existed, nor is there a time we cease to be...."

And It Is So!

From my heart to yours,

Shelley Ruth Wyndham
Cape Town
South Africa

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