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Thank you Saul, John and Steve!
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Below is what I consider to be a very competent exposition of what Saul is telling us on a regular basis, namely that God is Love, that every sentient being is part of God, and that no one, no matter how reprehensible they may appear to us to be, is excluded from His all-loving embrace. Also, that we are eternally safe, and that even within the illusion that we have become so accustomed to seeing, and believing is real, all is divinely taken care of. Read and enjoy.

And, this beautiful and clear exposition comes from Steve Beckow who runs this uplifting and inspiring site: who I thank profusely for the time and effort he puts into researching what is going on as humanity continues to evolve spiritually very rapidly indeed, and then sharing it freely so that all may be inspired to continue holding the Light.

Love to all readers,

Blink and You’ll Miss It: Total Reassurance for Those Subterranean Fears

I think what Saul said yesterday, June 20th 2012, (1) is so important that I need to lend it emphasis by metaphorically drawing a line under it.

He begins by telling us that “the old established order” or Illuminati, by whatever name you wish to use, “has ruled life in the illusion for so long – under different names, different disguises, and with seemingly different agendas.”

He tells us it is “crumbling and cannot be restored, repaired, or rescued. Its time is past.” Very reassuring.

But then he reminds us that, even though the old order is falling, “that [crumbling] is causing some alarm. “

People are worried, he says, that “as it crumbles it will destroy all the services and organizations that are presently seen as essential to life on Earth.”

But he assures us that “this will not happen.” And I think this is the essential piece that people have been waiting to hear.  And before going to it, I need to add that I don’t think he’s addressing our surface fears, but deep, unconscious, I’m tempted to say subterranean fears are there that, without the Illuminati, as heartless as they were, every service and organization that exists will crumble too.

Saul tells us that this will not happen. Not only will the Company of Heaven not allow it to but they have a plan in place that will see to our needs as soon as the old world order has been moved aside. He reveals that:

“Everything that is essential for your daily existence will be maintained, repaired, or replaced as necessary and appropriate with the absolute minimum of disturbance to all of you.”

And he gives us a hint of how this will be done.

“Those who are destitute, in poverty, homeless, diseased, or suffering in any way will immediately have their circumstances improved in a fashion that is way beyond anything you can presently foresee, because there are advanced technologies prepared and available to clean and heal the planet and all who live on her that will be put into action as soon as the old order has crumbled. Every conceivable disruption that could occur as a result of the old order collapsing has been taken into account; nothing is being left to chance, so that the New Age will arrive and thrive instantly for the benefit of all.”

If we needed any reassurance, here is Saul offering it. Everyone’s circumstances will be immediately improved “in a fashion that is way beyond anything you can presently foresee.” If we really got that reassurance, down to our toes, those subterranean fears would be gone. And please note that we who are reading this are among the few on the planet that know this to be the case. Only we who read Saul will have gotten this reassurance. Others will remain in the fear that Saul describes.

And this is why the Company of Light says that it falls to us to tell them.

Advanced technologies will clean up the planet and heal all who live on her. And every conceivable circumstance will be taken into account.

Then notice the subtleties in his reassurance: “The corrupt ones themselves will indeed move on.” Not be hung from the nearest lamppost, as George Bush Sr. worries will occur. They will move on. On to their next lives, still on 3D to be sure, but without massive reprisals against them, without us staining our hands with blood.

Yes, they will experience the lessons that come from their actions. Yes, the universal laws will serve as bumpers and guide them back onto the path to God which even they are following. Everyone will reach God one day. Everyone. (OK, a few will have to drop back and start again. But a very small number.)

But, no, they will not be tortured or sent to a heavenly Gitmo or roasted in hellfire or any of that nonsense or destiny that they themselves would have consigned their victims to.  The galactics, the masters, the celestials don’t do those things.

And then he explains to us again the new paradigm that will accompany our co-creation of the New Age:
“Your remaining task is to release all negative and unloving thought forms, attitudes, and behaviors so that you can soar into the New Age on the wings of unconditional Love. Love is the divine field of life, of existence, and of creativity. … Heaven, the divine realm, is all that exists. It is infinite, and contains all that exists within it, eternally. And that is where you have your eternal existence; you are just momentarily unaware of it. And as you awaken, your awareness will return — bringing you untold happiness.”

Where is the new paradigm in this? Universal love, infinity, eternity, awareness, untold happiness – these divine qualities are themselves the new paradigm. Life lived in a Fifth-Dimensional world of these qualities is itself the new paradigm. It isn’t something we learn; it’s something we will live in. And, even more to the point, it’s something we are.

Here is Saul saying these things day after day, for no charge, scattered on the winds of change for us to read – or not. But what he says is priceless, reassuring, healing, restorative.

We humans forget as quickly as we read so perhaps put this one message from Saul aside and read it whenever you feel yourself going off the rails.  The masters (and, according to AAM, Saul is the higher aspect of the being who was St. Paul), the galactics and the celestials are doing all they can to inform us and reassure us about what lies ahead, just on the other side of this present chaos. We have to do the rest. We have to take it in and say to our doubting side: “Enough. This is what’s going to happen, in large measure because this is what I’m creating, welcoming, opening myself to.”


(1) “Saul: Everything That is Essential for Your Daily Existence Will be Maintained.” as channeled by John Smallman, June 20, 2012.


January 22nd 2012.

From time to time people comment on the fact that Saul always refers to God as Him or He and suggest that to refer to “Him” and “He” always is to be offensive, wrong, insensitive, and disrespectful of women.
God, Love, Spirituality, who we truly are, is NOT about sex or sexual differences, which are part of the limitations that we imposed on ourselves when we chose to experience life in the illusion as humans; and nor is this blog. It is about the fact that we are all One, lost in the illusion, and that we are engaged in the process of finding our way Home to God, to Completion, to returning to our original state of infinite Love, of infinite Wisdom, of infinite Knowledge; of rediscovering ourselves, regardless of our sex, as the essential parts of All That Is that we truly are. In God there is NO separation.

We, everyone of us humans here in the illusion, males, females, gays, and lesbians, are all ONE, and we are also One with God Who is All That Is. Even though, here in our illusory environment, we appear to be separate individuals with our own individual agendas, needs, desires, and problems, struggling to survive in a hostile environment where it seems that to trust is to invite disaster.

To focus on the aspect of our self that is either male, or female, or gay, or lesbian is to focus on incompleteness, because in truth each one of us, while embodied in the illusion and having a genitally defined physical human form, has both male and female characteristics to enable us to empathize with and understand each other, and to be complete in ourselves (although it appears that the majority of us seek completion in a relationship with another). Needless to say some of us are better at this than others, which is another aspect of the severe limitations that the illusion places on us, but by our own choice. We are each responsible for how we choose to experience our life as a human. We can choose to focus on the pain and suffering, or we can choose to focus on finding our way Home.

To focus on the inadequacies and problems of the illusion, and there are indeed vast quantities of those, is to distract ourselves from our life’s work of finding our true Self which is as an inseparable part of God. The messages that Saul offers so lovingly, are offered to all who wish to hear, and are purely to help us with the only task that matters: awakening into Reality. To do that, he tells us, we must focus on the Light that is within us, placed there by God at the moment of our apparent separation from Him, to ensure that we would never really be lost. When we engage with life in ways that are loving and compassionate, and accept the fact that we are divinely loved in every moment, we are then able to find that Light within us which will lead us home. And then our fixation on the sexual identity of God becomes totally immaterial, because He is infinitely beyond identity. He just Is . . .

It seems to me that the issue of human sexuality, let alone the sexuality of God, has become an enormous diversionary distraction over which even wars can be fought. God IS Love. Love IS our nature, and that is where we should be focusing our attention.

With love, John.


Posted September 6  2009
(an elucidation by Epiphania, September 6 2009 )
Part I

Soon is an unfailingly capricious term in our linear-time construct here on Earth. We all know it is subject to wide individual interpretation, coupled with the fact that state of mind has a big effect on our experience of how fast or slowly time passes.
To digress for a moment, an intriguing, albeit tangential, aspect of soon is that some of us are experiencing time as physically speeding up (and indeed, according to some sources, we have lost fully 50% of our 24-hour day!), and we are told this is an effect of the rising energy frequency we’re undergoing on Earth at this point in our history. If time continues to accelerate like this, soon will be upon us before we’ve had a chance to suitably relish the final moments of the good old, bad old days, or to fully savor the now-palpable anticipation of Something Huge about to break!

Before someone protests that time-passing-more-quickly is merely a well-known symptom of growing older, I would like to point out that time can just as often ‘drag’ and seem interminable as one gets older, depending on whether one has garnered wisdom and acceptance over the course of one’s life or, conversely, succumbed to discouragement and apathy. As the divine energies pour in, encouraging us to work on our emotional weight-loss (releasing negative emotions and blockages), we lighten up and become more positive and accepting in our outlook, and time literally seems to whiz by. I read recently that as we rise up through the frequencies, we will begin to experience linear-time distortions – it is far from being an immutable construct – until measured time ceases to have any useful meaning for us, and fades totally into the eternal Now of the fifth dimension (the one above this one). At this point, we are told that Mother Earth and her beloved children will be in full consciousness.

But to return to the subject of soon:

When soon is used by those outside our peculiar linear-time reality to qualify the approach of the Changes, I believe they are trying to evoke in us an energy of excited anticipation – indeed, wondrous, joyous anticipation! to encourage a sorely needed uplift in our outlook. I believe soon is chosen precisely because of its non-specificity coupled with its intimation of imminence. If they said shortly or in the near future or before long, we are not hooked. Soon makes us sit up and take note. And this is an important part of what they’re trying to do here: make us realize that something monumentally, grandly unprecedented is about to burst upon the earth scene and we are being called to take an active part in bringing it in – now. Indeed, it is essential that we participate positively, and now, in our role as ‘galactic marines,’ to establish a rock-solid beach-head together, through which the inflowing divine energies can be grounded, thus helping to enliven Earth and her sleeping children. (As another aside, I understand it has been a bit of a challenge for our angelic and galactic helpers to get us to awaken as planned from our drugged sleep. Even now, it seems, many who should have awakened by now have not.) By aligning ourselves consciously with this activity, we greatly augment the energy flowing through us into the world.

This pro-activity on our part is central to what is happening in our reality because of the fact of our inalienable faculty of free will (which is another subject of confusion). In this case, the approbation of the collective – or at least a critical-mass percentage of the collective — is required for the divine plan to manifest physically, externally, publicly, on Earth. Very many awakened ones, all around the planet, have been working unflaggingly for some decades now toward this goal, and because this is a collective awakening and ascension, and because the energy level on the planet is ready for the collective to awaken and participate in this magnificent return home, the call is going out with great intensity and coherence now to do just that: Quite simply, to hold the vision, to believe, to know, and especially, to live the vision of a resplendent, fully conscious domain on Earth as if it is already here are immensely powerful activities and a prerequisite for the highest-vision game plan now underway. Each one of us who lives the vision has, so to speak, a fishing-line hooked into the reality of the new Golden Age (which is already manifested on other levels) and whenever we meditate on it, or live as if it is already here, we are helping to ‘reel in’ God’s plan as it pertains to this branch of humanity. We are actively engaged in collapsing soon into now.

To be continued…

Soon… (cont’d)
Part II                                  Posted September 13  2009

We all know that here in duality thought precedes action and creation: One must conceive of a chair, preferably in detail, before actually creating it.  On other levels thought and creation are simultaneous — which in duality would be scary indeed!  Here, we must work for everything, and we must ‘work’ to bring forth our dreams and visions of how to live in joy and abundance and harmony by visualizing them mentally, in detail.

That done, you then move into the power stance of how it feels to live like that – feel the joy of the peace you create around you, feel the freedom and spontaneity that comes with abundant prosperity, feel the ideal harmony in your relationships.  Drench yourself in this feeling-world.

Creation is done through the heart center, and as any successful entrepreneur can confirm, living ‘as if’ your creations already exist is pivotal; we must eat, sleep and breathe the fact that the business enterprise, abundance, health, harmony, whatever, is already here.  This is the foundation stone of creating.

But we live in a realm of duality where there’s an often discouraging time gap between the thought and the actuality, and this is where our four-letter word ‘soon’ has got itself something of a contentious reputation, as many of us have had ‘soon’ wafted under our noses for some decades now in reference to the unimaginably wonderful ‘somethings’ up ahead.

‘Upstairs’ in the Now, where full consciousness endows us with the eternal present, all that we are longing for has already happened, and all that remains is for it to trickle down the stairs – or rather for us to drop our old toys and go to meet it…  So how can we help bring about the merging of these two now-separate realities?  Happily, this merging, this ascension, has been underway for some ‘time’ now and is accelerating exponentially.  But our role in the mix is vital, as I mentioned earlier, and apart from living ‘as if’, I believe we have another tool at our disposal that can add some kick to our efforts.

This brings us to the importance of engaging the Now moment, as it has come to be called.  We are in the habit of wishing and hoping for things to happen, but this doesn’t hack it where creation is concerned because wishing and hoping places you squarely in the future where there is no power.  Many insightful, articulate books have been written about the Now and how to get there, and indeed stay there, and operate from there, and in my experience it is an inseparable component of living ‘as if.’

Meditation seems the most lauded way of getting into the Now space.  But I have found it to be just as easy to slip into the Now while pelting through my busy day, like this: Nine times out of ten, if you focus exclusively on what is happening in the present moment, you will find that you are safe, warm, comfortable, well fed – in fact, you have a welter of things to be appreciative about.  Start focusing on all the normally unnoticed good things around you and vump! you’ve landed yourself unwittingly in one of the most powerful emotions we have available to us here in 3D:  thankfulness.  In my view, thankfulness and the Now are two sides of a coin; it is hard for me to conceive of the one without the other.

I have found these rose-tinted spectacles – thankfulness – to be an easy habit to get into.  Keep them pinned to your nose throughout the day, and watch how they cast their enlivening glow onto everything around you.  Indeed, longing for soon to arrive fades quickly into the background because you’re so caught up in the glow of the present, and whenever soon gets around to showing up is fine by you.

Quite apart from the thankfulness-Now coin making life pleasanter, taking up this stance can be used as a powerful magnet because the Now puts you in alignment with the Source, the universal power source — however you wish to qualify that Source.   The Now is your power point in 3D, and you can program the universal computer only from the console of the Now.

So if you can live in the absolute knowing that Heaven on Earth is already here; if you can feel the exhilaration of anticipation pouring into the world around you; if you can watch the news at night and see the shrill and desperate attempts of the darkside trying to staunch the now-rapid ebbing of their power; if you can remain standing firmly in the Now moment while you gaze at the apparent chaos without getting sucked in to drama, knowing that all is just as it should be, that His hand is firmly on the helm, and that the growing intensity of the breaking-down of the old order is an essential and cleansing precursor of the new dawn, then you can be assured you are making a most powerful contribution to ‘soon’.

To be continued…

Soon… (cont’d)
Part III          Posted September 20  2009

I referred earlier to the non-specificity of soon, regarding the when of it.  There is also the what of it to be considered.  What is it exactly that is supposed to happen soon?  Is it a point at which we find ourselves abruptly returned to full consciousness?  Do we wake up one morning to find we’ve been moved into full consciousness overnight?  Or will it happen while refilling the car with gas?  Or in the middle of a double-flip backwards-dive off the diving-board?   Or does soon refer to a series of steps and watersheds as a whole that make up a process of ascension?  Or does it designate a public starting-point of this process of change? 

We all have rather different ideas about the what of soon.

This is where we need to bring up the subject of awakening, because your what depends on where you are in your awakening process.  As this branch of the human family proceeds with its collective awakening, a useful parallel can be made with our simple daily act of waking up in bed.  Each has her own way of waking up each morning; some remember immediately where they are and who they are, making a seamless segue between sleep and the waking state; some are foggy and lie there blankly for a bit; and if sleep has been particularly deep and long, it may take quite a bit of time before the will is rallied to start making sense of where one is.  And so it is with the spiritual awakening each is going through:  some of us are focused and excited by the details flooding in, while others vaguely toy with the notion that there’s something for them to gradually become aware of when they feel like it – in the fullness of time – and don’t want to be rushed into details just yet!

Soon is an alarm clock which each responds to in his own manner.  However, there are some points we all have in common.  To begin with, waking up is a remembering process and no-one on Earth at this time is ignorant of what is happening here — although for many this knowledge is subliminal.  Each of us made the pre-birth agreement to abide by whatever circumstances became necessary to ensure the fulfilling of the divine plan for Earth, and as the frequencies rise it becomes increasingly easy to cast off our layers of amnesia and remember these facts.  I believe that for most of us, our memories of this time lie just below the surface, and what these myriad channelings are trying to do is prod them up into our waking consciousness.

This process of going from the general to the specific is a path followed by all forms of remembering, learning, or exposure to anything new.  Each of us is at a different stage of remembering and our ‘chums upstairs’ are providing a very wide range of sources of awakening-information – from the very vague to the quite highly detailed — in order to accommodate all who are groping their way into wakefulness.  Some are lying there quite content, letting the early, floating, vague familiarity sink in;  others have a head bursting with questions: Who why what when how?  Each will be guided to the information level that’s suitable.

Information that’s startling or off-putting may simply be information that you’re not ready for just yet.  And this is a good place to mention that nothing that we invented here in the Illusion will be going with us into Reality.  This fact cannot be emphasized enough.  Dump everything you think you know, and your awakening will be much much smoother.

(To digress for a minute, I believe the differing levels of detail in channeled sources accounts for some of the confusion out there regarding ‘apparent’ contradictory information among these sources.  But this is another subject…and I mention this only to make the point that a lot of perceived discrepancies among valid sources can be traced to differing levels of detail and should not provide a reason for discouraging your search.  Just follow what feels right for you at your level of awakening.)

In general, the mainstream waking-process goes something like this:  First, you are aware that the world you have always known has become bland or discouraging, and you begin casting around for another way of being and thinking.  At the same time you feel like clinging to the old one because it is familiar and the new one hasn’t hooked you yet.  But once the process has started, it really is only a matter of time before the new comes flooding in.  It simply isn’t possible to un-awaken!  And this is the stage we are at collectively today – we feel the old dream (or more properly, the nightmare) losing its grip on our minds, but most of us are lying there, in limbo, not yet focused to any degree on the details of the new morning.

But the mainstream-collective remembering is soon to begin and this is when it gets interesting, because, for my money, this is when so many wonderful things will start to happen that we’ll all forget about soon, because, finally, all our families, friends, and neighbors will be wholly enthralled in their awakening, and the inflooding new reality and exciting changes to our society and planet that have been decreed by the divine plan.  For me, this is my soon point — the when and the what of soon – the point at which the details of the stages of our ascension process (and many, many other astonishing things) are made openly known to us, en masse, by our governments, which is how it should be.

This is the point where we truly open our collective eyes and remember what we came here for, and yearning for soon will have morphed into, Wait wait, it’s going too fast!  Gone will be the tip-toeing gently around issues and time-lines that frustrate some of us at present.  Information hyper-drive will greet our mass awakening, and human nature being what it is, there are bound to be some among us who will long, maybe, to return to the quieter, less fast-paced days when soon was off there safely, somewhere just over the horizon.  If I were you, I’d make a point of enjoying these quiet, final good old, bad old days while you can!

Our collective ascension is to be a process suffused with Grace – a wonderful adventure for those who can leave “the vale of tears” behind – and soon can be considered a quality of the preparatory stages of this adventure, a clarion call to rally us and remind us what we came to Earth to do and be at this unique time:  Be the lightning rods and the foundation stones, the lodestars and the angel dust, without which this collective ascension mission would not be the roaring success it is in the process of being.

N.B.  It is worth being clear about the fact that a central aspect of the ascension process is first turning our current nightmare (and this is by no means an overstatement!) into a dream, as this establishes the conditions conducive to waking up, en masse.  Once decent social conditions prevail on Earth, the ascension process can begin in earnest.  So the sequence goes:  present reality (nightmare) – better reality (dream) – Reality.

With joy, Epiphania


Posted Monday  August 24th 2009.
A book I found most uplifting was : “This Time I dance” by Tama J. Kieves.  I was reminded of her today by an e-mail she sent me, (I’m on her mailing list) presenting a way she found for dealing with pain.  If anyone is interested you can read it at:

I thought it was very good.  John.


The Meaning of ‘Soon’.
Saul, and many other channeled entities, from time to time use the word ‘soon’ to suggest that an occurrence or event is close. For us on the Earth Plane this usage becomes very unsatisfactory when nothing apparently happens. We cannot conceive of life without time, and the word ‘soon’ refers to something that will occur in time.

In the spiritual realms there is no time, there is only the eternal ‘now’. In spiritual terms everything that has, is, or will happen “in time” (the illusory Universe in which humanity apparently exists) is happening right now! Or, has already happened. I accept intellectually that time is a concept that humanity uses, but that does not really exist (quantum physics). Nevertheless this is something I have great difficulty getting a handle on.

In the spiritual realms communication is instantaneous and precise without the need for words. Spiritual guides use words to communicate with us, because that is how we communicate, but words are only symbols that we use to express ideas. Frequently we find them very inadequate for the purpose of transmitting ideas to others, but we have to make the best of them as they are all that we have. Our spiritual guides have the same problem as they try to communicate with us.

Because everything is happening right now, ‘soon’ is the most appropriate word for our spiritual guides to use. When we move into full consciousness, as ‘soon’ we shall, it will all make perfect sense. But at present our ability to understand what is being communicated to us by our guides is severely limited. And they are attempting to transmit to us a concept of unimaginable wonder which has already happened. It is only in our illusory reality that we are still waiting.

If we consider what has happened over the last two or three hundred years, and particularly in the last two or three decades, in this illusory reality of ours, we see enormous changes in the way we treat others, and in our increasing concern and compassion for those who are suffering. We truly are becoming less egoic. And it seems to me that the rate of change is accelerating. We are on the brink of something amazing, and many of us are sensing this and seeking confirmation and information, which is why our guides have become so prolific with their channellings to us.

It is us, each one of us, who has to make the move into full consciousness and leave behind the dream world in which we have chosen to live for so long. Deep within us, we know this, and our spiritual guides are doing their utmost to help us see that this is so. The more aware we become, the more light we hold; and the light we hold attracts and awakens others in an exponential expansion of light, which is nothing less than the Infinite Love of God, our Creator, whose Divine Purpose is to awaken us all into the endless joy which is our heritage.

We will awaken into full consciousness suddenly and instantaneously. And I believe it will be SOON. But when that will be depends on our collective willingness to awaken. To many of us the idea of awakening is frightening, as we have bought into the idea of a judgmental and punishing God, and we feel totally unworthy to be anywhere near Him (I spent ten years in a Jesuit school, and I know unworthiness!).
But we are WRONG! He created us perfect, because everything He creates can only be perfect, like Himself. There is NOTHING we can do to gain His Love, we already have it. We just need to stop avoiding it, and allow it to envelop us as He intends. SOON!  NOW. What does your intuition, your inner knowing tell you? In a few days . . . In a few months . . . Trying to put a date on it is meaningless. So live daily in excited expectation – like small children before their birthday or Christmas. And be awestruck as the dawn breaks.  [July 2009]

above found:

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