Sunday, February 19, 2012

People Are Seeing More and More Clearly How Corrupt the Political Systems Under Which They are Living Have Become. They Are Ready For Major Change

Thank you once again Christ Jesus and John ...and so it is!
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Intend to Accept All Humans Are the Divine Offspring of God

Love binds us together, gently, sweetly, and eternally, because it is the field in which all of creation has its existence – at one with God. In the illusion hate, violence, conflict, suffering, and disagreement are endemic – a consequence of the choice to be separate from God. Choosing to be separate from God is also a choice to be separate from one another, and that is why those experiences occur; they could not occur if you were at one. But, of course, you are all one, and so choosing to engage in those damaging behaviors directed at others is inevitably a choice to damage yourselves. You think that by attacking or defending you are protecting yourselves against the attacks of others, but it is really only you attempting to protect yourselves from yourselves by attacking yourselves. It makes absolutely no sense at all!

Within the illusion is it not easy to be aware of this; you experience pain, fear, and suffering that seem utterly real – it therefore seems insane not to take precautions to keep yourselves secure, and very few would disagree with you. But this presents you with an insoluble problem which is that as long as you continue behaving in these simplistic and unrealistic ways, pain, suffering, fear, and insecurity will remain your constant lifelong companions. These kinds of behavior breed more of the same, and they encourage each other efficiently and enthusiastically, thus adding additional support to the illusion.

Love unites, fear divides. And fear has been the motivating factor in human life for eons. Now, however, this is changing because, over time, some of you have come to realize this, have started to practice love, and have found that largely it works. It is not yet totally successful because so far very few are ready to embrace this new way of living in every moment and situation that occurs in their lives, mainly because they have suffered tremendously and have learned that to trust is to be betrayed. Nevertheless, there are some among you who are practicing loving behavior and attitudes and you are greatly admired in the spiritual realms. You are also greatly admired by those within the illusion who are themselves coming to an awareness that there has to be a better way, and they recognize it when they see you demonstrating it by behaving lovingly.

This sea change in attitudes and behaviors started slowly as a few thoughtful individuals realized the enormous power of love and began to use it to bring peace and sanity into their lives. Then others asked to be taught these skills. And of course, initially the results were small and local, but like ripples on a pond, the effects spread outwards in ever increasing circles, and now many are aware and are seeking the courage to let go of fear and engage with love. They need only ask their guides or angels for help with this and it will be instantly offered. All over the world examples are being seen of the success that these loving ways are having in bringing about much needed change.

This sea change has now become a tidal wave that cannot be arrested or diverted, and signs of this are becoming visible all over the globe as politicians and the governments with which they are engaged try desperately to prevent control of their “subjects” slipping from their grasp. However, people are seeing more and more clearly how corrupt the political systems under which they are living have become. They are ready for change – major change – to occur, and they are deciding now is the time for this to happen.

It will occur – peacefully – because people are basically reasonable, despite the dishonesty and betrayal so many of them have experienced when they have trusted those who claimed to have their best interests at heart, and they want to bring an end the dishonesty and corruption that has festered for so long in their governmental systems. They have seen what those traits deliver, and so it is their intention to terminate the secrecy and diversion of attention occurring in public affairs and return to a transparent and open system in which the genuine needs of the people are addressed and dealt with in a fashion that delivers fairly to all involved, bypassing the special interests and secret agendas that have for so long been prevalent and pervasive throughout your governments worldwide. Consequently, they are well aware only peaceful means can bring about the permanent changes necessary to bring lasting peace and abundance to all on the planet.

If you want to participate in and be a part of these uplifting and inspiring developments happening across the world by helping to bring them about, then intend to be loving, intend to be compassionate, and intend to accept all humans are the divine offspring of God, and they are as entitled as you are to the benefits and joys that He desires you to experience eternally in Heaven at one with Him. Love is invading the planet, It is offering Itself to everyone, and It wants only eternal joy for all. Open your hearts in welcome and allow all negativity to dissolve into the unreality from which it came.

Your loving brother, Jesus
by John Smallman

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