Sunday, February 5, 2012

Children See the World Thru Eyes of Courage, Adventure, Fun, Wonder, Fascination, Love, Compassion & Fantasy: Emotionally Healthy & Physically Young

Thank you Archangel Michael and Susan for these incredibly practical suggestions and tools throughout this article --I will use them!

And so it is.
*** gavin

(emphasis added)

Dear beloved Souls

I A.M. Archangel Michael and I come by today to speak of a very soothing Message and Inspiration for 2012 and beyond. As some of you already know, I am the Protector of Children, as well as Mothers and also, Fathers.

What is a Child to you? Do you have Children? Do you feel like you are much older and different than them?

All questions you will be reflecting on when re-discovering the Child you once were. At these special Times, there are many special Children who were born not too long ago. Many more are heading toward your Planet for Incarnation, and they will help much with the Transition and Change of the World. Some of you call them "Indigo," others are titled "Chrystal Children." But finally, all these are Names in order to try describing something NON-PHYSICAL about these Children: Their Soul.

These dear Children, are like all other Children too, physically. But they carry more Light within their Souls. Some of them are very old Souls, don't be fooled by their Age! They understand many "adult" issues & emotions, and often have a clearer Sight on Solutions.

In general, Children see the World through Eyes of Courage, Adventure, Fun, Wonder, Fascination, Love, Compassion and Fantasy. All qualities that if kept alive inside your Soul during your earthly Journey, keep you not only emotionally healthy and fresh, but also PHYSICALLY YOUNG. This is the secret: ALL Manifestation starts from Spirit, and so, if your Spirit is clean, light and feeling young, your physical Looks will reflect it and the opposite.

If you are a Parent of younger Children reading this, please remember to always teach and remind your Children of us, the Archangels. Teach them openly about us. Everything is opening up for 2012, Heaven and Earth are getting really close like they used to be and even closer this Time around. Teach your Children not just about nameless "Angels," but describe to them as much as you know, and ask your Child/Children to call us for Protection walking home alone from Schools or from any other place like a Sports Field, etc.

Now we want to go deeper into this matter and talk a little bit about the "Inner Child," which is not a Child in the previously described way, but a part of YOU. Every Soul has female Energies, male Energies, and also child-like Energies. This aspect is the Inner Child. When some old friend of yours reminds you with a Story of your Childhood Experiences, you smile inside. This is the Moment, in the Moment you RE-MEMBER, your Inner Child "comes out to play." But in the Dark Ages --the last couple thousand Years-- Fun and Play has been forgotten more and more, and I am very excited to see you re-discover your Innocence again. Try when you meditate, to re-connect to your beautiful Childhood memories: Imagine a special Day, try to gather in your Memory all little details you can remember, and imagine yourself back in Time. If you did not have a positive Childhood filled with Love, don't hesitate to call on me, ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, or my dear ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL for Healing. My heart feels with you, for this has happened to many Children over the Dark Ages, and often even on purpose by very dark-minded Souls. But Life is an Illusion, Time and Space is like a 3D Game, with 3D Glasses, you are wearing: You think it's real in the Moment, but when you Lift your Glasses, you know it's a "Game of Learning." Nobody ever said CHILDHOOD is only for Children!

You can be a Child at any Time, in any physical Age. You lived many Lifetimes, having good Memories, bad Memories, and before any Incarnation, you were Children in Heaven. In your Mind, you can create a fun, entertaining Playground- a secret Place if you like, visualizing all the Colors and Benches and Rides you love, and go there any time with your Mind/Fantasy. Do this and play ANY age!

Dare to DESIGN your Future, with the Tool God gave you: YOUR MIND, YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS, YOUR THOUGHTS.

Your true Magic is waiting for you to discover. Children dare to DREAM. Children BELIEVE with all their Heart and Soul. Children ask the right Questions. And, Children know how to have FUN in the Moment, knowing no Sorrow nor Money-Thinking. Dance, as if you were a Child, an empty Book, waiting to be created anew. Dance the Journey of Life and enjoy yourself!

If you need any Assistance to clear your Mind from all the Programming, which has been carved into your Mind by Society and it’s “Rules” over Time, call on me and/or my dear ARCHANGEL METATRON, the Master of the Mind and Thoughts. You can imagine Metatron sending a ruby-red, mixed with gold, fusioning and surrounded by a diamond white light, sending it to you into your third Eye, located between your Eyebrows and ONE FINGER TIP above that point.

Any down-pulling Attachments in your Mind or Emotions or both connected sometimes, I ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, can gladly and happily ERASE. For this kind of Assistance, don’t hesitate to call on me, even if you are unsure if you do have any such Attachments. Then ask me to generally CLEAR YOUR ENERGY FIELD, WHICH THEN REFLECTS THE CLEANSING ON YOUR EARTHLY BRAIN AND MIND/THOUGHTS/CONSCIOUSNESS.

I am the extended Will of God, coming with the Highest Cleansing Blue Fire of the Heavens. Close your Eyes, and try to SENSE, where any such attaching chords are at in your Chakras and Body. Most of the time, when you have difficulty sensing it clearly, I advise you to start with your third Eye, as mentioned. Then, you see and sense more clear, and go to the next step by sensing where else you feel a darkening energy, grey or black or dark brown, it can look individually different in your mind. Then, clearly ask me, ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, to use my Blue Fire to cleanse it for you. Decide for yoursel, when doing this, clearly in your Mind/Free Will, that you ALLOW ME TO HELP YOU AND OPEN UP YOUR HEART TOWARD ME.

Then, I can step in and cleanse any attachment or negative energy from all of your Being.

Keep looking toward the Light- very good Times are coming to Planet Earth!
With all my Love, I A.M. ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.

by Susan Elsa

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