Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Saw Humanity Has a Deep Desire to Look Without For the Fulfillment of Expectations When Fulfillment Can Only Come From Within

Thank you Matthew and Steve Beckow!!
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Doing Our Best

Dozens of arm-chair quarterbacks have second-guessed the story about the potential joyride to spaceship Neptune. The criticisms have come in various forms.

They have been so strong that, after tonight’s radio program, Steve Beckow is leaving his website and programs for at least a month.

He stepped out, did something innovative and courageous, and things didn’t go as planned.

He promised he would step aside it the trip didn’t take place. Now, he is honoring his word and paying the price for that demonstration of courage.

From my perspective, this is part of the paradigm that needs to shift as we enter into Peace of Mind. The general consensus is that he is being criticized and punished for making a mistake.

When I was eighteen, a wise woman told me that the only way not to be criticized was not to do anything. I’ve remembered that word of advice and I’ve made it my purpose to make sure I was doing something, thinking progressively, and looking for ways to improve my little part of the world.

Like Mr. Beckow, I’ve been criticized and punished by some people. From my perspective, I haven’t seen it as punishment. I’ve seen it as learning through my experiences without projecting guilt and blame.

I hope Steve is able to develop a similar perspective.

This point of view is possible when we understand that there are no mistakes, when we understand that everyone does his or her best. I learned this concept from Don Miguel Ruiz’s book The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom.

I added my own insights when I developed Complete Peace of Mind Training.

Steve did his best in this situation. He took the information he had and acted accordingly. He did not consciously intend to mislead or to plan a trip that didn’t happen. It just worked out that way.

If we assume the trip was a real trip to a real spaceship, we can easily see the complications.

Initially, a few people were going to go.

Then, the number swelled to more than three hundred people.

If we really believe The Illuminati doesn’t want there to be a disclosure of the ET presence, they are going to create obstacles. It is entirely possible that some of these obstacles could have been life-threatening.

The unexpected attention created a situation that threatened to create a military scenario, possibly one in which it appeared aliens were invading Earth and kidnapping hundreds of humans.

The result could have been a space war.

Therefore, the trip, as planned, was cancelled.

As I observed this scenario, I admired Steve for listening to his internal guidance and acting in accordance with it. He set an example that everyone of us would be wise to follow.

I noticed something else too.

I saw humanity has a deep desire to look without for the fulfillment of expectations when fulfillment can only come from within.

The more I thought about this, the more I wondered why we do this.

I will explore that question tomorrow.
by Matthew C. Cox

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