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A Lack of Sensitivity Made it Easy to Ride Roughshod Over Others’ Feelings While Forcefully Pursuing Egoic Personal Agendas

Thank you Saul and John for bringing our attention back to the task at hand: Feeling compassion, forgiveness and no judgment for ourselves and EVERYONE else each and every day!
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Your compassion for the suffering of others is one of the most powerful forces moving you towards your awakening.
05/25/2011 by John Smallman

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As you live expectantly, in the knowledge that your awakening into full consciousness is divinely decreed and guaranteed, you will experience days when your energy is low, and lack of motivation seems to have left you aimless. When this occurs know your energy is being put to good use in the spiritual realms, and despite the enormous assistance you are receiving from them, it is, nevertheless, very draining for your bodies; and as you experience very little feedback it can be quite depressing.

On days when you feel like this be kind to yourselves and forgive yourselves for any judgmental thoughts you may have about your seeming inadequacies. This is just a very demanding phase that will pass, so do not berate yourselves, but take a break and give yourselves a treat. If you will refrain from self-judgment and accept yourselves just as you are (and as God always does) you will feel much better, although your ego may well try to discourage you from doing so. A feeling of discouragement is a frequent egoic ruse.

The Light of your energy, combined with the divine energies, is having quite a remarkable effect all across the world, as inhuman behavior by the agents of governments, government organizations, and large corporations are being called to account. The largely unquestioned authoritarian arrogance with which they have operated for so long is coming to an end, due to the increasing awareness people in many fields of endeavor are showing as they release into the public domain details of the damage this lack of oversight has allowed to happen.

Your awareness of and compassion for the suffering of others, that has grown enormously over the last half dozen decades, is one of the most powerful forces moving you towards your awakening. It enables you to start understanding you are all ONE. However, while you remain convinced of the individual separateness of each human being, another’s suffering can have no real meaning for you. You may, at an intellectual level, think suffering regrettable but you have no heartfelt sense of the other’s pain.

This lack of sensitivity has made it easy to ride roughshod over others’ feelings while forcefully pursuing egoic personal agendas. This lack of sensitivity, which was an essential tool while you sought to support and maintain the illusion while you considered yourselves independent beings, is dissipating rapidly due to the decision the majority of you have made to cease your insane egoic behavior and, instead, make a determined effort to treat everyone with loving kindness and respect. Your guides and angels are intensifying their assistance to you as they see these wonderful changes in attitude occurring all over the world.

You are now most firmly established on your path Home, and though there continue to be upsets and disturbances, you will not be side tracked because your will to return Home is aligned with and strengthened by the divine Will. Nothing can intervene to prevent you from reaching your most holy destination because your arrival there has been divinely assured. When you experience any doubts or anxieties about this just focus your attention on the inevitability of your Father delivering on His promise, and know these doubts and anxieties are without foundation and will fade away as you remove your attention from them.

With so very much love, Saul.

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