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The Pleiadian High Council: Your Thoughts and Feelings will Determine your Reality

Previous aspects of yourselves have been peeled away and integrated by you and before your very eyes, and this has been an intense process for many incarnate starseeds who have been used to the frequencies of the higher realms in which many of you have arrived for your final Lives on the surface of the Earth from.

Your sprits were calibrated to a certain loose and wonderful-feeling frequency for so very long before many of you made the decisions to drop your vibrations to those of the third density while still choosing to consciously maintain a steady and secure link to the higher realms in the final Lives which many of you have arrived to from the realms of the fifth dimension.

Many of you are closer to the higher realms and to many of us souls within the Galactic Federation than you realize at present, and there are many unawakened and awakening souls on your world at this time who are just beginning to find the higher realms for themselves without yet experiencing the accompanying remembrance of the wonderful roots that every soul on Earth possesses.

You have found yourselves on Earth for a number of reasons, the majority of which have everything to do with helping the Earth and all on Her surface who are ready to ascend. Many of you have chosen to maintain and remember strong links and bonds to your past while others have chosen before incarnating, to not yet know and understand their links to the Divine until a later point in their awakening.

Multiple different paths are leading to the same conclusion of evolving back to the pure realms of Source wherein innumerable ascended beings are happily assisting you in finding these states of consciousness. Many of you have maintained the direct energetic links and bonds that see you better-able to know and understand the higher dimensional experiences that you are being given at this time and we say that all of humanity is being given the chance to peak behind the veil and turn the opportunity to do so into an opportunity for overall soul growth and evolution into the realms of Source.

One does not receive such an opportunity to ascend in a mass, collective fashion very often and as such, this ascension is very important to your Earth and to innumerable other planets and realms as well. This is a topic that has been discussed much before and it is because the Earth has been a planet which has harbored much density [as a result of] the experiences on Her surface since the fall of Atlantis and indeed, even before.

The Earth has had so very much density experienced on Her surface and you are now seeing much of this density able to be cleared away with little difficulty to the public.

A recent example of this cleansing taking place in minute yet effective ways, has been that of the heat occurring thought the western region of your world. The dark have attempted to utilize their technology to Create [incredibly] high temperatures in an act of weather warfare against those in the west, but instead we are seeing to it that the heat and the absence of rain will only act in accordance with and go as far as the collective freewill restraints of the areas in which this is being attempted will allow.

Worry not, dear souls for their actions in doing this will be exposed and it will be explained as well in a clear and understandable way, how we were and are able to utilize the collective freewill energies to block-out the most devastating effects of your darks technology, while working as well with the collective positive energies being manifested on your world which are increasing marvelously in scope and purity every single day of your experience on Earth.

We have been watching this energy begin to be expressed and utilized through the hearts and minds of so many dear souls who are remembering their bonds with the higher realms which we all do indeed possess, and we are able to utilize this energy to neutralize the worst effects of the darks technology while again, working with the freewill constraints and measures of any given area of your world.

Gaia has had so very much density needing to be released and because of this recent utilization of our technology, we are able to nullify the worst effects of what you dark has intended while at the same time, clearing away massive amounts of collective density in the west which, trust us dear souls, had been so very needed.

This is because the dark have utilized the United States and the territory of the United Stated which was once holy and scared land and was taken care of properly by those who inhabited it; your dark have wished to use this land as a proverbial ‘Roman Empire’.

They wished to display their ‘dominance’ of the world by displaying their dominance of western society in the United States, and many countries to this day understand and know of the tyranny which has taken place in the United States but dear souls, even the actions taken in the US have not been as tyrannical as actions taken in other countries [by the same entities].

Your dark wished to establish the most influential ‘section’ of the one world government by ruling the west as an empire of sorts, while installing puppets in other countries who would become their allies and who would do the bidding of the select few souls who have been playing the ‘game’ of controlling the world for a very long time, having learned much about doing so from their former Annunaki overlords.

The cold war was meant to continually scare the collective, to keep you all in states of fear over nuclear attacks or bombs, while at the same time [the entities within the US] were secretly allying with the Russians and installing figureheads within the Russian government who would ‘green light’ and support war with the United States. All sides of every war have been funded by a select few billionaires who are playing from the Annunaki’s [former] guidebook, and all it takes on your world in these beautiful days is a simple internet search to understand the sheer control that the dark have attempted to take on your world.

The heaviest of their plans are not to play out and yet they continue to make their final rants and rumblings while attempting to destroy a collective society that they have long known they would not be able to destroy.

They were given false prophecies about the ways in which these end times are to play out and as a result, find themselves confused every single day as they feel that the Light forces have swooped in out of the blue unnoticed, and undone generations of work that those before them strived for to see play out in these final times you are in.

We cannot disagree with those souls on that notion. We can express, however, that the Light Forces have been working on your world for every generation of your time, especially since the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Earth had a marvelous opportunity to experience a mass ascension and Uniting of Atlantis and Lemuria, and there were vested lower influences who did not want to see this come about and who had planned instead to create slave races to mine dear Gaia for Her resources.

You are seeing similar actions in pursuit today with the dark’s many oil refineries, pumping precious oil from dear Gaia to operate technology that humanity could have long advanced from by your 1940s, in your current society. The Light has slowly yet surely been in play and in influence since the fall of the two great cities of Atlantis and Lemuria, and in recent decades we have made ourselves known quite boldly. Our showing of ourselves to you has taken place all throughout your history, and you are only beginning to hear of the more recent generations and decades in which we made contact with you.

Many assume that the governments’ knowledge and involvement with extraterrestrials started with the ‘Roswell’ crash and many think as well that this was the first time a spacecraft was found or discovered on Earth, and we say that this is not so for we have been in the skies of Earth, making contact with various civilizations whom we felt were ready, for every bit of Earth’s history.

This includes before the building and fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, dear souls, and with this admission we ask you to ponder how we souls found ourselves with you in Atlantis and Lemuria in the first place.

We were already making contacts with many societies, and those of Atlantis and Lemuria were two colonies who were hitting enormous strides, pretty much together as these colonies followed the same Earthly cycles even at their starts, before their blossoming into great cities and finding each other.

We saw the opportunity which the recent strides such colonies reached in their own growth would garner and so we made multiple contacts with these souls, starting at first with the showing of our craft to them in your skies.

We wanted to initially show our craft flying around in your skies to both of these colonies, to ensure their comfort with us as they began perceiving of a reality that was as of yet outside of their frame of understanding.

We made cautious and bold contacts with these souls and when we could feel that they were ready and willing to see the ‘metallic birds’ finally come down to the ground and reveal ourselves, we felt it was safe to do so. Again, this happening was aligned and paralleled with both colonies, in that they both experienced the showings of ourselves to them at the same time, in accordance with their Earthly cycles.

We began to mix into your cultures as both Atlantis and Lemuria became quite comfortable with us. We helped you along your growth and we shared advancements with you in the areas of your science and philosophy, as well as mathematics.

We showed you [musical] instruments that are still utilized and remembered on your world to this day, one of which being the acoustic guitar. We United with you and you happily accepted us on your world as many more souls from advanced planets all throughout this beautiful Creation came to see what was unfolding on the surface of this little beautiful blue world, whom contact-experiments with the colonies inhabiting had been a resounding success.

There were so very many of us happily on your world and we helped you to grow your two colonies into wonderful societies, with their own cultures, doctrines and beliefs. Such beliefs would end up underlying the cause of the downfall of these two civilizations but dear souls, there is no need to focus on such happenings as doing so may only lower your vibrations.

We ask you to instead focus on the beauty that was and still is Atlantis and Lemuria, for while you have been riding on the timelines wherein these two colonies were destroyed, there are plenty of Earth timelines wherein Atlantis and Lemuria were not destroyed and rather ascended together and branched out into this wonderful Creation, inhabiting many different planets after having evolved.

Many of such souls who experienced Atlantis and Lemuria in these timelines wherein they were not destroyed, are those [of various Councils of the Galactic Federation] who have the most vested interests in seeing the Earth’s ascension play out.

This topic of many of us inhabiting our own planets [after ascending from] the realms of Earth wherein Atlantis was not destroyed and rather ascended, is quite a complex one and is one that will require much discussion and explanation as to how such occurrences can be possible.

We must say that after spreading out to numerous different planets throughout this beautiful Star System and throughout this beautiful Creation, we spent generations on such planets and integrated into ourselves, the specific atmospheric [and planetary] conditions and cultures of such planets as well as of the Star and Motherships who were residing on such planets, so this admission does not in any way suggest that we are all Earthly souls who are simply of the Earth, for this is not so.

Again, we have taken many Lives on your beautiful world, some of which had to do with spending time in the Atlantis and Lemuria colonies, along our own evolution and per our own evolutionary choices [of undergoing the timelines wherein these colonies ascended] and as for the evolutionary path of your Atlantis and Lemuria timelines and the souls riding along such timelines; again, we helped such souls along their growth, to develop into their own wonderful and marvelous civilizations.

In essence, dear souls, we have been with you for so very long and in some senses we share your Earth customs and perceptions. We do not share your limited third and fourth dimensional perceptions of reality as we have grown past such stages in our growth, but we are assisting each and every one of you in going through the Earth experience and we have devoted ourselves so very much to the Earth, that the ascension of Her and all on Her surface has been [strongly] ingrained into our ‘Mission List.’

Service-to-Others is a heart set based on an unconditional Love, caring and [balanced] concern for those undergoing the lower dimensional experience. We wish with all of our hearts to do anything that we can in accordance with your freewill, to assist you along your collective evolution and this is why we have again, taken to neutralizing much of the dark’s technology and intents while assuring that your collective freewill-manifested density is cleared in an appropriate manner and in a manner that sees much of it cleared away while being subsequently experienced by humanity, in a way that is not too overbearing.
There are many of you on Earth at this time who are feeling that the lessons you are being given are too intense, are too difficult and many have taken to wanting to bow-out of the Earth experience.

We can assure you dear souls, that your Lives are not in the control of any entity with ill-will or intent. Your Lives are controlled by you and the events which are to manifest each and every moment of your experience, [are manifested] in accordance with the thoughts and vocal statements you give out every single moment of your experience.

It is so very important to make your attempts to attune yourselves to the vibrations that are being given to you now at this time, as many of you are finding the expansions in yourselves that are seeing you better able to access these encodements in incredibly rapid and accelerated, pure ways, and now that this is so you will find many aspects of the higher realms opening up to you and to your senses.

You will find realms beyond your imagination, that you could have never thought or felt were even possible to exist. As you experience these expansions, ask to call upon us within the higher realms for any aspects of assistance that you require during your journey for while we cannot do any of your freewill-based karmic work for you, we can transport you to realms beyond your wildest dreams. You would recognize these as the ascended realms; the realms in which we happily and gratefully inhabit.

You are being given so very much more assistance than you realize at present, and it simply takes attuning oneself to one’s openings and expansions to be able to feel the energies being given to you as well as the energetic signatures of us ascended souls whom are happily giving you such energy. Each and every one of us have a hand in sending the Universally pure energies to dear Earth, but not a one of us play as crucial of a role in this specific happening as the beings within the higher astral planes of your world.

These souls have taken home within the higher realms of the Earth which are very close with the lower realms of the Sun, to receive the energies from such solar realms that Create and sustain each and every reality throughout dear Gaia’s structure.

These souls are overseeing the transfer of the energies that Create and sustain your reality, as well as the transfer of energies so pure that such energies must be given steadily and in measured doses on the alignment dates which are becoming closer and closer together.

Gaia has very many alignment dates to pass through on your world which will grant those souls within the higher realms of your world, the Divine authority to bring energies through to your surface and to all other realms within Gaia’s structure, that are [the energies] to see the higher realms expressed on your world in their full bounty, glory and splendor.

Oh dear souls, the realms of the fifth dimension are so wonderful, so heavenly and marvelous to behold.

At present you would have little comprehension of the experience that you are headed for and until these pure energies begin to make themselves known in very clear and Lovely ways in your skies, we ask you to continue to lay the Lighted foundation that you have been laying every day of your experience.

Each one of you who find yourselves awakening at this point are holding so very much pure, potent Light within yourselves while at the same time working through deeply-ingrained density that has been prevalent in many of you throughout many previous Lives. Many of you have chosen the specific Lives you are inhabiting currently, in an act to clean up karmic residue that was deleted by the Law of Grace, allowing many of you to ascend from the surface of Earth [before coming back].

Indeed, the ‘mixing pot’ of souls on Earth become so very mixed, as there are souls who have spent thousands and indeed, even millions of Lives within the Earth structure and there are some now as well who are experiencing their second or third Life on Earth, during this time in which She and all on Her surface who are ready are to ‘transition’ into the realms of the fifth dimension.

Many have wonders and fears of the physical body dying before or as one ascends. We tell you that you will have the complete choice [whether] to discarnate and experience fifth dimensional Life as the pure Logos energy in which we all truly are behind the bodies and shells in which we inhabit for various different purposes, or whether to experience the realms of the fifth dimension in the upgraded, crystalline form of the human body.

This form is [usually] much taller and bigger, and will seem overall much healthier, Lighter and easier to move around in. We say that along with the loose limits in which a fifth dimensional body adheres and conforms to, you will be able to decide completely how you look.
Each and every thought and feeling that you have will determine your form, presence and the reality around you. Imagine dear souls, experiencing a thought on your world and finding it instantly manifested within your plane of experience.

Some may fear ascension as they fear the perceived need to ‘die’ from their body to experience ascension, and we hope that we have helped to quell fears surrounding this subject by reminding you that you can experience ascension as a fifth dimensional human, just as many of we Pleiadians take preference in doing.

Many are still experiencing attachments to the Earthly body and to the specific Earthly physical pleasures and stimulants which help the Earth body to feel different from the average states of consciousness which have become the norm on your world and which have been so very limited, and the wish to experience a higher and more pure state of consciousness is why many on your world choose to take part in substance abuse of any kind.

There are many who are strolling just along the veil of your perception of the higher realms, as many souls have slightly opened themselves, their minds and their hearts up to the realities of the higher dimensions by being exposed slightly to such realms through the experiences granted by drugs.

We say that the ‘reality’ one experiences whenever on any type of hard drug is a fabricated, pleasure-based reality that the dark have engineered as an unhealthy mirror of the higher realms with side effects that control the mind and body of those who take them.

Hard drugs and pharmaceuticals have been one in the same, in that the strongest of pharma drugs contain many of the same ingredients as hard drugs, and this is blatantly apparent to anybody who researches the ingredients of various pills meant to take away pain while making one feel ‘high’.

Dear souls, we say that the true and pure high is the experience of the higher realms, which can be grown toward without using a physical substance, and the purpose of the very hardest of drugs has been to trap one in a fabricated, fourth density-negative based reality wherein they are experiencing a heightened state of mental awareness, while experiencing what is the closest definition of hell that can be garnered.

In the very near future, we will be before you after you have learned the truth of our existence and the truth of the existence of the higher realms in general, as well as your impending evolution toward these higher realms.

There will be so very much to discuss and as always, the discussions and communications given through channels have been quite rudimentary and elementary compared to the truths, revelations and insights you are to be given about what has happened on your world  and about what will be happening and as so very many of you awaken and make your clear intents to embrace the higher realms and the Light energies accompanying your transition (1) into the higher realms; you will find all of us here, waving and laughing with smiles and Love.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.
by WesAnnac.com


(1) This term is not meant to represent the ‘transition’ from Life to death, from 3D Earth to the planes of Nirvana. I feel that the Pleiadian High Council purposefully made that known after using the term the first time in this communication, but I wanted to clarify again to reassure all that as they say in this message, we have the choice to keep our bodies and upgrade them as we ascend.

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