Thursday, January 12, 2012

You're Given Many Gifts But Received w/o Notice. Each Time You Notice A Gift From God, Show Your Gratitude: Heard Throughout The Cosmos & Applauded

Thank you El Morya and Julie!
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El Morya: Gifts from God

A brilliant day it is when I am gifted graciously with the glorious opportunity to speak to all of you.

Let us speak of Truth, Love and of God today. The truth is more than what is right or wrong. The truth is what resonates inside of you, what creates what it is you believe in, drawn to and know without any doubt. This does not mean that truth you have learned cannot be changed, or altered to meet your current growth both spiritually and personally. The Truth will change numerous times dear ones as each of you change throughout your journey and continue to give birth to a newer more wiser YOU that is filled with an abundance of Light and Unconditional Love.

When you speak the Truth, it is important dear ones to speak with love and kindness. Not everyone is on the same page as you, therefore; it’s only natural for each individual person on this beautiful and bountiful Earth to have different beliefs and truths that speak of them and who they are. I will guide you to speaking the Truth that will NOT cause harm or disrespect to another beloved Lightworker, friend, family member, or people that cross your path. Through gentle guidance, love and support you will be shown how to act, think, feel, speak and BE love. We will do this by accessing the I AM Presence which is also accessing the heart center of God that links you together and always forever.

You will soon feel a steady stream of Love coming from God Himself when you make a motion to step into your I AM Presence and be in the light of God. Oh, what a glorious day that will be! Love like never felt before will wash over you, cleansing you, making you feel alive and radiantly warm all over. But like all things readiness is a must. You must be ready to commit yourself to a life devoted to God and ALL that He is. For all He is, is you, is me, is your neighbour; He is in all creation that is around you and beyond what you can in the world you live in. You will know when it is time to devote yourself dear ones. You will have a feeling enter your heart and you will that will feel as if your heart energy center or your heart chakra is expanding. Consult your guides if you wish to make sure. Call upon my presence when you know in deep depths of your pure and loving heart that you are now prepared to progress to the commitment of full devotion to God and your stay on your journey that you are currently on that is bringing you closer and closer to the Home you always belonged to - His loving arms and Grace for you and for ALL His children.

What is Pure, Unconditional Love dear ones? Is it giving with conditions and expectations? Pure and Unconditional Love is to give of yourself without the thought of expectations or attachments. This level of love is taking root at a rapid rate, but there are still dear ones that are having trouble with this. It is Okay. Many have been taught that to give is to receive also. Remember dear ones, the joy felt in the other person receiving your gift, your kind words or gesture is your gift returned. Know and believe a gift given unconditionally is a reward all in itself. Believe in your heart that your soul is being thanked by us and by the dear person you chose to share your generosity and unconditional heart. If words are what you need to hear, be prepared that some people are not wordy regarding gifts of any kind. Each dear soul on this wonderful Earth is unique and very special. A mature heart that is filled with pure love already understands this and is happy with the thought they gave a little something of themselves and made someones day a little brighter.

We spoke a little already regarding God and devotion. There is a never ending supply of material to speak on behalf of when talking about God. God is Love, and God loves each and every dear one that inhabits this fine planet. Everyday he bestows love on each of you. And this love is filled with the most brilliant and unyielding light that is warming to the soul, mind and body. Each day He blesses you with gifts that are specific just for you and what you need. When a little bird, one of God’s many messengers decides to land close to you; that is a gift dear one. When the day is cloudy, and bright sunny break appears out of nowhere, another gift. Take notice dear ones. You are given many gifts that are received without notice. Your very existence is a Gift, one to be cherished. Each time you do notice a gift from God, show your gratitude by simply telling Him - thanks. Your gratitude expressed to God and to your guides goes a long way dear ones. It is heard throughout the Cosmos and applauded.

I am feeling our vessel tiring, the dear one’s eyes are beginning to close so must I before she can no longer receive our discussion. {{Softly laughing}}. I will return next Tuesday, as it is forever my favourite day and I look forward to sharing it with each of you.

Ascended Master, El Morya
through Julie Miller

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