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The Office of Poofness: July 16, 2014

Thank you Poof, Zap, and Susan!

poof 1Greetings and Salutations,
ZAP Says:
Hi all
This mid-week letter is to set clarity, as many things have transpired. And, now that they have, I can let out a few bits of critical information.
Further to my discussion on the role of the TRN on the global stage, the TRN was the answer and rebuttal to the cabal-inspired SDR (special drawing rights) that would have perpetuated the enslavement.
The TRN was to take that role of the SDR, and perform settlements between governments and banks in much the same manner as the 1934 Wilson Head $100,000 US gold certificates (dollar notes with the orange back).
However, the TRN will be instead issued publicly and will replace the US FRN (Federal Reserve Note, UDS).
Two days ago, the preliminary deliveries of the new TRN were delivered to HSBC Hong Kong and to HSBC Singapore, and other banks.
Trillions in the TRN will be distributed in time as the USD is taken in by the banks and you get change back in TRN. When exchanged, 100 USD =92 TRN. The banks will take 8% as admin fee and other fees and taxes. The TRN is gold backed, and is much more valuable than the USD.
Large amounts stored in warehouses and waiting to be laundered will be exchanged for about 70 net, but only, and I repeat, only if they can prove the provenance of the money. Otherwise, the drug cartel money in such caves and warehouses will be used to grow another favorite of the flora, mushrooms. It would be no surprise if they have enough to grow mushrooms for all pizza joints out there.
If provenance can be proven, then the warehouses of old USD will be exchanged and put back into the system.
As of yesterday, the BRICSs installed the new and improved world bank. The old World Bank with its burdens and issues will now fade out.
The RV is effectively here now. When effected globally, the exchanges will begin, and funds will flow out. We are days or week away at most from what I see and from what I was told.
Since Pope Francis fired the cardinals running the Vatican Bank, the 6 banks under investigation now for money laundering will increase in number of investigations, arrests, and other corrections. The Vatican Bank money laundering systems are no longer active, and this has precipitated the meltdown of the bad boy schemes to rape and pillage.
Countries not Basel III compliant will be provided gold to back their currencies, and this is an ongoing process in preparation for next week.
The July 20 date is significant. All intelligence points to preparations for the rollout of these efforts being successful. I believe that we are in the last stages prior to the commencement of the changes.
In respect of all of the above, the picture is quite clear that we are indeed in the middle of the Reset process, and shortly our humanity will breathe, and our destined path of 1000 years of peace and prosperity will be here. Very cool divine plan. They did a good job upstairs. The lessons learned to this point in time has prepared pretty well all of us to get to this work.
And yes, the pigs are smiling big time. Snuffles, in particular.
In Love and Light in Our Service
July 16, 2014  – Copyright ZAP 2014
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