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The Office of Poofness: April 7, 2014

Thank you Poof, Zap, and Susan!
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Stephen Cook/ golden age gaia: OK well, obviously the April 6 date ZAP provided last week has passed – as he acknowledges below. Yet this message also states that things are still looking very positive. Once again, I’ve culled the Q&A to only include the relevant ones. A link to where you can find the full Q&A is at the end.
Greetings and Salutations,
Poof Said:
The world is going through a metamorphosis; watch what is occurring in institutions and in the political world. You won’t see it all at once because change does not happen overnight; well not usually. But the bullying primitive way of going to war to get what another has is over. The regimes that have been in control will no longer have that kind of control; you wonder why that can be; it is because people are aware all over the world that no country or its leaders in their right mind would now go to war with another country. And so how does this fit with the prosperity programs. There are those who know that the trust that was placed with those in leadership positions has been violated beyond any idea of integrity. They know. And they are bypassing those corrupted by the greed for more and more. That is over.
I tell you now that people are through with war. There will not be a WWIII… that will be stopped by many sources. There will be a need to begin building new ways of being and new communication systems and new thought systems that are built on truth, not on lies.
The wise counsel and the ways of the people who are trying to reach into the hearts of all on the lists are truly doing what needs to be done. Money is a tool; it is not a way of life; it is a tool; so be aware of the need to be sensitive to the gift that you are soon to receive.   -  Poof
ZAP says:
Hi all
So what will people do with all the money that is coming out?
With the amounts getting into the system, prudence dictates some checks and balances to be in place so that not too many stupid things take place when people have money finally, and go shopping.
What will they be, i have an idea about, but mostly it will be left up to the people to follow their hearts, their conscience, and hopefully the advice of a wealth management expert. A good one always tries to sell you bank products like term deposits, CDs, mutual funds, etc.
Good tax attorneys provide structures by which you can mitigate your tax exposure, and competent accounting firms keep track of your holdings. Many experts out there, and with a bit of money spent on them, you will gain wisdom pretty cheaply. Go hunt up some that you would like to work with.
Yes, the US treasury is fully functioning under the new dollar, the TRN, or as it is to be known in Europe as the United Trade Note (UNT)
Putin was instrumental in ensuring the US signed the TRN into usefulness on March 28, and the system continued the reset.
All global transaction codes the US treasury regularly gives out – so that transactions can be tracked as USD denominated, and which  were stopped a few weeks back – have, as of this last Wednesday, been released.
Banking as usual now – and you can get transaction codes now to release funds. There are many with transaction codes now, and all is in readiness for what is to come this week.
Simply put, we are smack in the middle of the reset.
Watch this carefully and remember. This is how it happened. Good stuff. And humanity is beginning to breathe a tad easier. Full breathing shortly.
So I am somewhat happy now, seeing all this taking place and verifying everything to date. One step after another has allowed us to get here. Quite extraordinary really.
Some world stage items reached me, and I have not verified these items, but they make sense in what I know to be true.
  • The first item that happened in the last month is that Iraq bought 36 tons of gold the last week of March – the 5th largest purchase in the world which more than doubled their original 27 tons.
  • The World Trade Fund (WTF) ordered the US to stop printing money because it is not backed by gold.
  • The US Treasury (UST) has released the new US dollar (UNT, United Trade Note) in Europe this week.
  • Iraq paid off the majority of their debt in Paris.
  • The World Trade Fund (WTF) ordered the us to release the iraqi funds held for more than 20 years to offset Iraq’s debt to the us.
So, the dear purple pigs are flying all over the place as the pace accelerates, and more and more funds start getting out. My advice is simple: watch it happen as it unfolds, and be patient. The funds will arrive and anxiety over timing is not the best thing to do now. It is a matter of short days only. Enjoy the wait and the show.
Christine Lagarde said that: a modest and fragile recovery is underway and needs to change gears toward more rapid and sustainable growth.
This is a true statement. The middle tier businesses were responsible for about 75% of the world GDP (gross domestic product) that was up 2%. With country cross-border cooperation, the new paradigm, fueled by the release of the matrix funds, will (see) the world GDP will grow well, and the economies will move forward very strongly and with confidence. This is a good thing.
(Stephen: I have only included the questions and answers I felt were relevant to the big picture. To read the entire Q&A section, see link at end.)
Q: Dear Susan and Zap, Thank you for the newsletters, but they seem like just a lot of talk, like we’ve gotten for years. With what you continually tell us, it seems like this will go on for much more time. I figure to hear from you in a year from now, unlike what Zap keeps trying to convince us otherwise. I figure it will take that long before the criminals begin to see their due IF they ever do. I apologize for not being super positive about this, but we’ve all heard it before and will continue hearing for time to come. – Dec
ZAP – Hi Dec. While it is true that the landscape may seem the same, it is vastly changed. The same elements are there – yes, the trees, the grass, the buildings – and these constructs are part of what is happening so they do not change. Positioning does. So do radical changes to the system, such as the TRN (UNT) coming into effect. I am sure we are days/weeks away instead of months/years. Take heart.
Q: …I want to say how much I appreciate all that you do for us. It has not been an easy road, and at times, I, too, have been discouraged and thought it would never bear fruit. But I hung in there. Why? Because the world is in such chaos right now, I cannot believe the Creator would allow these atrocities to continue.  Therefore, I believe in this program. Granted, I am just a small contributor to Mike’s (Stephen: I have no idea who Mike is) program and know next to nothing about the other trusts and financial measures that you keep talking about, I stay tuned. My hope goes up and down, yet there is a knowingness, a divine faith that this is the real deal and I am so grateful that I am a very, very small part of it, and so grateful to Poof, to you,  Susan, and now ZAP for all the hours and hours of unpaid work you  devote to the cause.
ZAP – Divinity walks on 2 feet. This was Poof’ s message. It is a profound message and a true one. We all have that spark of divinity in us. We are the stuff of stars. The more we get to truths, the more revelations and epiphanies, the more we grow and get enlightened. One epiphany I share here and that is: all is perfect.
Why?  This would answer why the creator allows such things to go on.
The answer is that this is a planet of choice; of free will. This does not exist upstairs, as it cannot. Since God is love, and love is all, then what happens is a diminished form of love (to a very large degree), but it is love nevertheless. Consider the ying/yang with the same message but in terms of balance, not the stuff of all that is.
If it is love, it must be perfect. So understanding that, it became easy to look at the actions on the world stage as a play, a reality show type scenario where chess pieces at the high level are countries.
Getting information to make sense of the puzzle pieces was an interesting task, and i am grateful for that allowance.
This is why I can state how far (Stephen: I think he means ‘close’) we really are from the advent of the prosperity we are to enjoy.
Q: Secondly, re Projects… I go not want to head a project; I am much more a behind-the-scenes kind of person. I am an animal communicator and am fiercely devoted to all beasts of this world and I would like to put my resources behind some worthy endeavor/s. I live in Maine and I know there are many organizations here that are in need. However, I would like to contribute on the bigger picture, and so how can I hook up with some of the projects. Thank you so much for listening. – S
ZAP – Understand. There will be a wonderful opportunity your way. You get to choose what to do and how big to take it. Bite of as much as you want. If you have difficulty chewing it, help is here for that too and give support until you can handle stuff. This is what is coming through the website. Built quite nicely, so far.
Next, ZAP quotes from two, separate articles:
“Critical US Currency Announcements and Update from s3a Skype room member (TRNs and the April 6th target date).  Posted by EXOGEN on April 3, 2014 at 6:53pm:
“MARCH 28, 2014:  Today, the Treasury Reserve Note “TRN” (New US Dollar) was effected. This is a historic moment for our humanity, as the funds that were released globally yesterday, and are now live and denominated in the new US dollar. The TRN is on screens. The Fed Dollar is being exchanged Over The Counter “OTC” in Europe first. That is occurring before the US begins the exchange this coming week. The current ”cash dollar” will devalue somewhat, but it will not be a high rate and is expected to be at the 3-4% rate only (basis OTC Bank Charges). The old Fed dollar (Deposit Accounts) is expected to be discounted 45% against the TRN. Being gold-backed, the TRN will actually prevent the economic collapse predicted by so many as it offsets the devaluation, and keeps the devaluation to a small percentage as above.??All financial events are confirmed for next week inclusive of the Re-Valuation. The formal global announcement of the TRN, the Global Currency Reset, and the Global Reset will occur on April 6, 2014. The news will be carried by CNN and other networks. The amounts of funds coming out of the system into mainstream economies will ramp up very quickly into the expected hundreds of billions.
“MARCH 31, 2014: Since the release by the BIS – Bank of International Settlement on Thursday, March 27th of all funds to governments and organizations, the USA on Friday signed the TRN into effect, and major wire transfers were affected on Saturday. This is continuing on Monday, March 31st, and will continue through this week as the new system is learned. The funds to our levels are trickling down, and should be available for further dispensation by the Paymasters as early as the first few days of April 2014. Expected funds from the Paymasters will therefore be Wednesday, April 2nd or Thursday, April 3rd at the latest. Funds in destination accounts may be as early as Thursday, or possibly as late as Monday depending on international transfer times. In Hong Kong, the first wires were approved, and are independent of the RV now. They were able to break, or carve it out from the rest which has to wait for the RV and TRNs to come out. These wires may be in USD as a result, and then get converted before being sent to the end destination accounts. The April 6th date continues to be the target date for the global public announcement, and the governments are preparing for this event.”
 ZAP- This may be delayed a day or so. We will see…
“The banking system has been allowed one week to learn the new system that is in effect, and to be completely Basel III compliant. All future transactions will have the approval of a Basel III Compliance officer assigned to the transaction.??One very important issue to understand is that we have all heard about all the testing issues and delays. We all thought that the RV was going to happen at any moment, the global reset effected, and the new US dollar circulated, as we did not understand the total plan and scope of all the reforms necessary prior to any currency revaluations, reset processes, and major funds releases.??Most were only focused on the goal of becoming rich and not understanding, or wanting to understand the big picture. However, understanding is here and truth self-evident as we see this historic time unfold before our eyes.??Our advice is to exhibit the epitome of strength: patience. Having the fortitude to stand still is good right now, and just prepare for the work ahead. The project side is of critical importance in this new paradigm, and this focus will shortly dominate our actions. For Bond Transactions — all boxes of bond submissions will be processed very quickly now. Both the Chinese and US Treasuries are very eager to process as many as is possible during this pre-reset time window, and prepare as many purchases/redemptions of the bonds. The first TTMs have already been scheduled and are being done quietly, with almost every day being booked. This activity will continue until about the middle of April. April 17th marks the day of the second allocations that will be released.”
 ZAP – The only comment I have here is that the April 6 announcement on the news may be a bit late. I do not know yet.
Q: Susan and Zap, All of us out here cannot thank you and your staff for ALL that you are doing for us.  I do have a series of questions below, but want to ask you a couple things off the record for now: 1) I want to donate a somewhat large sum to my University’s Law School, specifically for constitutional studies.  Will there be a movement, perhaps even a project directed toward this endeavour once the New (US) Republic comes to fruition?
ZAP – Grant funds for such studies and other disciplines will be available through our education division.
2) I submitted an idea for a project earlier about getting the US elementary grades on a new curriculum, with the emphasis on the organic constitution, similar/identical to the one Hillsdale College has available.  Will there be such an endeavor ?  Are you aware of this curriculum?
ZAP – No I am not. I am not American, but I do appreciate exactly what you are saying. But yes, grant funds will be available.
Now, for my questions: 1) with the recent post from the WHA (White Hats Auxiliary) regarding the responsibility we will have to help elect an honest government and hold all of them-national abd local – to honest governing,  it will be a daunting task if many/most of these corrupt officials are not announced, tried, jailed, or stoned by the citizens.  Can you give us a clue as to what the 2014 and (20)16 elections have a chance to look like? Will there be a true awakening among the peeps?
ZAP- Aha. A political/republic question that i cannot get into. I wish i could, but what i do must be arm’s length so to speak from political issues. Our focus is reconstruction projects, not causes, religions, or political whirlpools. Hope you understand. I do know that many arrests are getting done, and more on the way. Clean-up time is here.
2) Can we expect formally organized groups/organizations to help us create a movement to accomplish the necessary “energy” to move toward election of honest people, without voter fraud?  I’m thinking of PAC funds and TV stations, run by the good guys, to help re-program the peeps? I’ve always heard about hours and hours of documentaries that will enlighten the peeps.  Is this true or BS?
ZAP – That would be a true thing at that stage, and sure, why not? Do whatever makes sense and does no harm.
3) I know less than 5 % of the citizens were active in the American revolution, and 75% wanted nothing to do with it, or had no idea what was needed to be done.  My concern is that apathy has taken over most of the people now, so it will take miraculous action on our parts to accomplish this changeover, don’t you think?  With what you know is coming, can you shed any light on how this will be done?
ZAP – Complacency and apathy aptly describe. Sad. Only thing to fix that is by the same medium that has been used to destroy actualized thinking. Instead of shows where the same people bid on lockers and walk out with a couple hundred or thousand bucks seems to be mush more desirable that watching stuff that makes you think. That would mean a fundamental change in programming and a slew of good shows that are just as much fun, but make you think.
Thanks again for ALL you do and have done for humanity. – L D
ZAP – Wait till we really get going. Much fun ahead….
… John MacHaffie post:
Heads up intel —– Evening 4/6/14  (Stephen: I can’t find any link or story to prove this, but anyway..)
Gold backed currency announcement made by Lady Shriver (a Kennedy) this morning on Fox News. Still awaiting RV announcement with the possibility of exchanging the next few days. Obama’s resignation is on the table with a possible announcement.
As expected today.
So all in all, welcome to the reset. May all your pigs take flight, and oink their way distributing the matrix funds to humanity. Very proud of them. Love that purple sheen.
To read the full Q&A from today’s message, head here:http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=304602


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