Friday, June 21, 2013

Thank you PHC and Lauren!
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Before I even had a chance to formulate my first sentence for this report, these words bullied their way to the front of my mind:
You have officially traversed the duality matrix,  through the portal of transcension, to arrive at your destiny!  Destiny is mutable, but also certain.  You have created each and every aspect of your new life and as such, your self-created worlds are descending upon you.
First, we would like to offer a congratulations in your honor, a passing of the torch through this prayer of invocation:
“Dearly BE-LOVE-eds…we gather this day to honor each and every choice you have made to unify in accordance with the Law of ONEness.  We bring forth your scepters of sovereignty and ordain each of you into the Christhood.  Through this ceremony of honor, we ask that each of you step forth to receive your accolades.
We are your brothers and sisters from home, we are those who you called forth to assist and to guide you to this very moment and while we have immensely enjoyed watching you grow toward the light of the new sun, our services are needed no longer.   You are the risen ones, praytell.”  -Pleiadian High Council
The PHC is referencing our emergence from that incredibly off-putting eclipse sandwich that nearly took our lives officially ended at the recent new moon (on 6/8), a moon that they refer to as our “permanent break from duality”.  For those who consciously made the break, I am being shown that we are almost beyond this MASSIVE, crippling dismantling wave of clearing that we are technically still in the throes of, but soon to be floating in the (semi) calm waters of ONEness, drifting far from the (3D) shoreline into the open seas of the (5D) unknown. Hopefully, for good this time.
O.M. DOUBLE. G.  How seriously awful were the last 6 weeks of your life?  I honestly did not think I was going to make it thru this one…and even if I say that after every eclipse sandwich (and for the record, I do), this time I mean it…like fer REALZ. I felt myself slipping in ways I never have previously…mostly mentally, which is where I am usually bolstered in dogged determination to maintain my equilibrium, but not this time. In addition to more & stranger physical symptoms than I have ever felt thru this entire process, there were moments where I wondered if I was literally slipping from reality, feeling afraid that I had gone completely mad from the absolute frustration of being trapped in this never-ending process…what I imagine to be hell.
I know that so many of you had a rough go of May, and June hasn’t been much relief yet, but I am still hearing..amidst the myriad of unrelenting symptoms which, in my opinion, has gone beyond next-level…that the last week of this month is THE major turning point for those ready.
Apparently, there are a multitude of LOVE waves coming and those who have moved into unity will finally be able to catch these waves and ride the crests, while those still caught in the illusion of separation will continue to get tumbled around on the ocean floor until all their rough edges are made smooth. Ultimately, we all end up in the same place, via the same currents of energy, its just that those still focused on duality will be at the mercy of the tides whereas those in unity will finally be masters of them.
I am hearing that the last new moon was responsible for bringing us to a new beginning unlike any other (even if we can’t fully feel it yet), mostly because of major planetary players involved….namely Jupiter.  Been hearing a lot of chatter about that big guy lately and how it so interrelated with our emergence as true ones.  And even tho the unseens are wildly enthusiastic about the planets this month, they also make it clear that all the planetary involvement in our changing reality has more to do with our arrival in 5D and less to do with the specific frequencies each of these celestial bodies will bring to the surface of our awareness.
In other words, we are here now…anchoring in the here and now…because of us. And to that they extend a: “job well done comrades!”
 by Lauren Gorgo
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