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Believe or Not: Plenty of Souls Will and Have Chosen to See Our Messages as Hoaxes, Because the ExtraTerrestrial Reality Is Not Yet Their Reality

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The Pleiadian High Council: Physical and Telepathic Contact with People on Earth

We have visited the people of your world many times in your history, be it recent or ancient. At this current moment in your ascension process, our primary preferred method of contact and communication with the souls we are in communication with has been through the telepathic channels established in the minds and energetic fields of you all. It has not always been this way, dear souls. We have made direct contact in the physical with many people and whole civilizations.

[One of] the reasons we now prefer to speak to those who have found this contact with us through telepathy, is because tighter ‘security’ controls have been taken around your world since the most recent times we were making open contacts with various individuals on your world.

Upon doing some research, one may find that there began a widely-held interest in the subject of UFOs and us extraterrestrials shortly after the Roswell incident and other extraterrestrial-related incidents which occurred in such times but are blanked from the public perception and memory today.

During those times of vast interest in us and our craft, many souls began to come forth with stories of their own about how they were contacted by us, shown our starships and told to share what they had been exposed to. Of course as always, there were plenty of people making these stories up out of thin air so they could have their fifteen minutes, as you are fond of calling it. There were however, souls who we genuinely contacted and while the majority of the souls reporting such alleged contacts back in those times were indeed lying, many souls who we contacted chose not to go public with what they had been exposed to.

The reason for this is that when exposed fully to us and our craft, a paradigm of limited intelligence and knowledge which you all experience whilst under the lower vibrational spell is broken exponentially when exposed to ascended beings and our ascended technologies. Many of the souls we contacted personally have spent lifetimes soaking what they were exposed to in, and the utter shock of being exposed to us extraterrestrial ascended beings in such bold ways is one of the primary reasons we have not initiated such bold, in-the-physical contacts more recently.

It is appropriate at this accelerated stage in your already accelerated ascension process, that we begin to communicate with many souls whom we contacted personally in past Lives and indeed many souls who themselves originate with us in the Galactic Federation, through your expanding mental channels as your communications with us are serving to expand you more and more and this is what is needed in this delicate yet rapid phase of your ascension processes.

Each and every one of you are feeling our energy while reading and absorbing our messages, and this of course is a subject which has been touched on before but it is an important one, because you are being exposed to our Lighted energies in a more measured-out way through your exposure to us by reading these messages from us, and the energy you are receiving fits in with your freewill wishes more than our direct physical contacts did, because you have the inherent freewill choice to decide for yourselves whether our messages are genuine or hoaxes.

Plenty of souls will and have chosen to see our messages as hoaxes, because the extraterrestrial reality is not yet their reality. This is ok, in fact it is great because you are able and allowed to choose which aspects of our infinite Creation you wish to include in your personal reality.

This is what you have wished for whilst inhabiting the lower vibrations of duality, and our telepathic contact with so many who are opening up the chakras in themselves where such contacts take place, acts completely in accordance with the freewill wishes and Laws of everyone on your surface and yet, still exposes those who are lead to our communications to our energies in a slightly distorted way but in a way that can be handled easier than the direct physical contacts.

Of course there were other, what can be seen as problems with our direct physical contacts with many souls on your world since the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria.

More recently when we personally contacted people in the physical, we completely bypassed the leaders who we had tried to offer peace to your entire world through and who refused such offers, and we went directly to [public] individuals to show ourselves to them in an effort to get many souls to show their fellow humanity that there is a reality so different, so much more advanced and so revolutionary than the reality that had been the norm for so long. Of course we learned that such direct contact, with individuals or societal leaders, has proven to have its drawbacks [nearly] every time when it comes to staying in balance with your Laws of Freewill.

Again, many souls will choose not to believe our communications are real, because you have the choice to believe in us or not. The contacts in the physical we were making before were not in complete allowance of freewill for the souls we were directly contacting, and so for the individuals the contacts were quite intense and again, a lot of lower dimensional ‘time’ has been spent by such souls absorbing the pure awesomeness of what they were exposed to.

Before deciding to contact individuals, as mentioned above we also contacted world and societal leaders in an effort to bring ascended technologies and lifestyles to your various cultures in accordance with various cycles and decreed increases of consciousness of souls on Earth, even if in such ‘small’ increments. For the majority of your times after the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, our efforts in direct contact were with the souls who represented various societies and cultures. This spans any time period that can be conceived of between the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, right up until the present day you are all experiencing.

Of course again, the direct contact and sharing of technologies with societal and world leaders proved to have drawbacks on its own. The egos of many of the leaders we made personal contacts with and shared our technologies with grew so very big as they proclaimed themselves personal communicators with what they perceived as us ‘Gods’ and they demanded the respect that they felt they deserved from their peoples, who in many cases have been very lower dimensional over this Earth experiment as indeed that was your wish, taking to idol worship and the like.

The ego games in any culture proved to be pumped up nearly every time, and it did not help when there were negative extraterrestrial beings who kept a vested interest in the lower vibrations of Earth since the fall of Atlantis, masquerading as Gods to cultures whom we had not yet exposed ourselves to [In other words, souls who were not yet evolutionarily ready for such a contact].

Indeed, there were negative extraterrestrial beings who visited Earth and pretended to be Universal Creators, but who were in fact only interested in plundering Earth for Her resources and using unawakened souls on Earth whom they branded as peasants, to mine and farm the Earth’s resources. Of course you see the plundering of Gaia’s resources still in effect today, and it is being orchestrated by minions of former negative extraterrestrial beings, who themselves [the minions] contain the genes of the Annunaki.

Such souls think themselves special for containing within them extraterrestrial genes, which is why they choose to keep their bloodlines pure by inbreeding. Of course you all contain the DNA of extraterrestrials, and indeed the majority of you contain DNA that is not native to Earth, but has rather evolved to fit in with the Earth’s conditions.

Returning to the discussion of our direct contact with societal leaders, the lower vibrations involved with idol worship and the egotistical decrees and attitudes of the ‘leaders’ whom we made contact with, proved to us that many societies who we visited in accordance with their own points of evolution, were not quite ready to fully experience the advances that their cycle could have called for, had they been ready. Of course because of these reasons, we had to let such soul collectives undergo another lower vibratory cycle which was chosen by them through their actions when exposed to advancements in technology as well as science and philosophy.

Of course, our departure in many cases made the idol worship much worse, and as our teachings began to fade from the memories of the various civilizations in various points of time who we had visited, their actions became a bit more extreme and they took to sacrificing and other types of brutality in a desperate attempt to revive the contact with the ‘Gods’ whom they assumed us to be, who had once graced them and shared many wonderful teachings and technologies with them.

There were some civilizations however, who did not end up undergoing another lower vibratory cycle and who in fact were ready for a collective ascension after being exposed to us and our philosophy and technology. It must be understood that this entire Life experience you are undergoing has been a test, a test which all who are on Earth wished dearly to take and excitedly incarnated on Earth to take. You are being tested in lower vibratory ways, and the aim of this testing you have been undergoing for countless lives has been to find the true, pure and high vibrations of the Love which constructs your entire reality.

As many of you know, this testing and learning and growing is done in mathematical cycles, and one of the biggest tests for a civilization or society on Earth to undergo is that of being contacted by us benevolent and Loving beings who exist with you, on other worlds in this beautiful Cosmos which we all inhabit together.

The test is given to each and every civilization on your world in any time period as they begin to grow and develop. When the cycle of the ascending collective calls for it, we make our benevolent contact with you and this has happened in many different ways as mentioned before, and a crucial phase of your Earth ascension test is then initiated. Again, this has happened with every society and culture that has begun to find advancement in various time periods of your history.

This contact has happened in about every decade and century of your measured time and history, and even most recently with your current society, we made contact again with the societal leaders and with individual souls. We made the decision for the contact with individual souls after realizing time and time again that it doesn’t quite work out physically contacting only the leaders of various civilizations, because again the egos grow quite big on the leaders we have contacted.

Now, at such a crucial period in your history and your ascension process, humanity as a collective is about to undergo this test once again, as you all have in various civilizations in your history. Of course, many souls have already begun such testing, having been exposed to our energies through their telepathic and emotional channels, and indeed such souls who have found this contact with us have been tested along their ascension paths exponentially.

Another reason we prefer telepathically channeled communications is because [doing so] does not call for an overexpansion of ego on the part of the souls we communicate with, as the freewill-instated belief that the contact may not be real is still available to the souls we are communicating with.

We anticipate much upheaval when this final test comes before you all as a collective, and it will help to lay the foundation of truth by beginning all that we have to tell you with the information about the former minions of the Annunaki who have assume positions of power across your world, and all that they have done to this world and to you beautiful souls who inhabit this world.

Indeed, the souls who you know as the ‘Illuminati’ and who also possess various other ‘nicknames’ have been with you all as well since before Atlantis and Lemuria and certainly since their fall. They have attempted to control the world in various different time periods, as various different secretive families and sects.

These souls who we speak of are the manifestation of the lower vibrations that have been produced on Earth for so very long whist you have all inhabited the lower realms. Of course, this was the only role such souls were meant to fill; they incarnated on Earth to show you your collective darkness on a scale that would get your attention, but of course the lower vibrational darkness they have been exposed to whist fulfilling such a role has seen them hungry for low vibrations and as a result, they use their positions of power which they have assumed through mass deception to continually feed very low, dense vibrations on a mass, ritualistic scale.

These are the souls who fund both sides of each and every war, and if one looks back upon your history in an undistorted and unedited manner, one would find that nearly every war which has taken place in your history has been financed and planned out by the very souls we speak of.

Of course, you have all been exposed to quite a bit of accurate information on the more recent secret societies and sects before the current incantation, the ‘Illuminati’ came to be. These souls have taken different forms throughout your history but they have maintained the same goals and agendas every time; that is, to fulfill dark prophecies which they were fooled into believing were the real prophecies for the end times of each and every Earth cycle that they and you have been part of.

They were told by their former negative extraterrestrial ‘masters’ that they were to ascend after brutally committing mass acts of sacrificial and ritualistic death on the ‘peasants’ and unawakened souls on Earth, and of course as you who will be reading this communication know, that is a falsely-proclaimed end to this experience you have been undergoing.

The Earth experience is to end in a mass ascension for all who wish to be a part of such a glorious evolutionary experience. Naturally there will be many souls on your surface who will not yet be ready to embrace the higher vibrations and the miraculous wonders which you all a collective are soon to be exposed to, and many souls have made arrangements ahead of time to leave this sphere through physical death before the revelations become planet-wide.

However, to those who stick around for the full experience, the event that is ascension will be made known to all on Earth, and it will become known as an established basic physical and non-physical law, such as gravity. Through evidence which will be presented to you, it will become known on a planet-wide scale that your ascension is the next natural step in your human, physical evolution.

Obviously, the evolution when it comes to ascension is not just a physical evolution. Your ascension is an event of the physical merging with the spiritual, with the etheric, and it is about you transcending physicality and all that it entails, in favor of the true, undistorted realms of full consciousness, otherwise known as your true Home and original Creation lands.

We can feel that you can feel that the time on Earth is soon to merge, and great things are to begin happening. We have felt the anticipation in many of you and know that your anticipation is being met on our end with unending excitement for all that is to transpire.

Of course, this period you are currently experiencing and the immediate period ahead are not and have not been easy, but when the changes begin to pick up once the exposure of the dark souls on your world comes to fruition, you will all be very, very busy and this time, you will be busy doing something you will Love rather than being busy doing some mundane earthly task. Life is to be so fulfilling and filled with Joy, and with the help of us souls who care for you and Love you so very dearly, you will begin to repair the state of your world, as a collective and in such pure expressions of Joy and Love.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.

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