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Whole Purpose of Duality By Learning From Mistakes: We Know You Slip Now & Then From God-like Qualities But When Back On Track You Shine Even Brighter

What I love about this channeling is the fact it's from an "Elohim"! The Elohim are a group of Angels whose "soul" mission is being the architects of this reality. The Elohim are the Highest Order of Angels in Heaven working at the side of our Supreme Creator. My wife Andrea wrote an article regarding these "Angels of Change" --please click here to read that article: "The Elohim are working hard to help elevate the Earth and Her people. Their Plan has been in place since time began, and they are working diligently as all events, actions, and transitions are carried out."

While I do not know Elohim Cyclopea personally, I AM grateful He gave an introduction and His area of expertise, and gave the location on Lady Gaia where he "resides." In this channeling, Elohim Cyclopea discusses the importance of "truth," and like ALL previous guidance from our Spirit Guides, He too instructs us to quiet, listen and follow our heart!

He also mentions dependability during these challenging times, being respectful toward others, and about our own God-Spark and God-Like qualities from which it is our destiny to fulfill!.

Enjoy this beautiful Guidance. Thank you Elohim Cyclopea and Julie!

And so it is.
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Immaculate You: Message from Elohim Cyclopea

Greetings dear hearts. I AM Elohim of the fifth Ray. I AM also known as The All-Seeing Eye of God. My divine complement or twin flame is Virginia. Our retreat is etheric, high in the Altai Range where Mongolia, China and Russia meet, near Tabun Bogdo. Let us begin now that we have a brief introduction and description of who I AM.

The constancy of being true to yourself has become vastly important as we move further into a new spiritual age. More and more Divine souls are waking to the Path of Light. As they wake, they will discover so many truths. We speak greatly about truth as it is fundamental to your Divineness. You are wanting and needing to know where you are going, who you are. Those answers dear hearts will come as you move further along and gain knowledge that will lead you to those very questions with incredible answers. What is TRUTH is what is true to you in your hearts. When something is true to you, you have no second thoughts, no second guessing; you know beyond any shadow of any doubt. You know with conviction. It is this that will shine the truth to what you seek to learn. And you will be surprised to discover that much that you have known your entire life hasn’t been completely true because the times have changed, you have changed. Therefore, your perception of what was is ready to move to what is. And that dear hearts makes a world of a difference.

Be constant, be true and faithful. It is not a fault it is a divine quality and blessing to live with constancy in your everyday lives. Dependability is a demand more than ever as the world around you quickly evolves. Yes you must move forward in order to keep up, but you move forward with the light and love that is instilled within your heart that is connected to God through the spark that has never gone out. Your God Spark is there, sparkling with life and rich energy. Look within and learn your truth and set the God Spark ablaze with passion and love for life that is filled with unconditional love for every being on this beautiful planet you call home.

Letting your heart open and your mind expand is a very healing and wondrous way to be. Committing yourself to live a life that follows the Way of God is most admirable, especially when the world around you is incredibly fast paced. The hustle-bustle that goes on in your shopping malls, stores and organizations is understood as business does require customers and able bodied people to employ. It is okay to remind an individual they are a blessing and be thankful to them for the service they provide for you. And we know some may not give you the best service or care you would appreciate. These dear souls require understanding and acceptance as much as the next dear soul who may put more effort into your shared moment regardless if its making a purchase, paying a bill or just someone random walking past you. Instead of judging them for their actions, send them love using decrees and invoke Divine Love and Light unto them as they are also children of God.

There will come a time along the Path you're on when you will make claim to your Divine purpose. It will be apparent as you will be given many signs of your readiness to know more. And as you learn your purpose, you will find after time, that purpose has changed; detoured a bit and that is quite normal as you go where your heart leads you as well as where you guides guide you to. Taking the time to follow your heart, and listen to your heart for answers to questions regarding choices is a Divine Quality that is not missed by us. Each of you has many Divine Qualities that are God-like. Maybe some of dear hearts do not recognize these qualities because they lived with them for their entire lives and have never noticed. I would like to tell you now - YOU are Divine. There is much about you that is God-like. We know you may slip now and then from your God-like qualities but when you get back on track you shine even brighter. When you are giving of yourself in any way that is completely selfless, for the sake of giving; you are being God-like. Anyone that volunteers, works for no pay is being selfless dear hearts. There is great joy being a volunteer. Peace is found when giving your own free time to centres and charitable organizations. You will find a sense of self-worth that no pay cheque would be able to give you. There are many other ways which make you God-like and they are very becoming on you.

I would be honoured if you would decree emerald ray decrees. When you call for me, I will aid in strengthening your knowledge of the vast science of God. I see many with questions about the Science of God. Sacred Geometry is one that can give you much insight, knowledge and wisdom. Even if you do not resonate with all that you study in this area, you will gain so much understanding of not just God but of the Universe.

I am preparing to take my leave. Before I depart I would like to conclude that my time spent with you through this vessel chosen today by God was IMMACULATELY wonderful.

In Light and Love,
Elohim Cyclopea
through Julie Miller

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