Sunday, October 16, 2011

All Your Doubt and Disbelief Concerning Unseen Realms Will Dissolve, Although NOW They Seem Like Pie In the Sky, Foolish Fantasies & Wishful Thinking

Thank you again Christ and John for these continually empowering updates unfolding right before our very eyes!

And so it is.
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The Illusion Will Be Blown From Your Minds

Humanity is approaching the end of its homeward journey towards awakening, after eons of confusion and struggle, and the supreme joy of that moment eagerly awaits you. It is to be an occasion of breathtaking magnificence when the illusion dissolves and you recognize one another as you truly are – divine beings created by God in His own likeness, brilliant and glorious reflections of your heavenly Father in a state of eternal and harmonious Union. Reality – Heaven – is your Home, and that is where you have your eternal unbroken and uninterrupted existence in a state of constant joy.

Your present, ongoing experience as humans is an imaginary state that lasts only as long as you support it, but because you have become so accustomed to it, so familiar with it, and because you have no memory of your true state, it is extremely difficult for you to terminate your support for it. You are continuously rebuilding it, trying to make it more real by engaging in relationships that you hope will bring you acceptance, love, and happiness, because without them you feel alone and unreal – and to be alone is unreal.

In that alienated state, others, however close to you they may be, seem different or strange, with different, desires, needs, experiences, and beliefs, and that is very threatening for you. How can you trust someone who is not one with you but instead has these different needs, ideas, and beliefs? You cannot. So you set up defenses, as does everyone else, and then you share only the aspects of yourselves that you think are acceptable. As a result, no matter how much time you spend in the company of others, you always feel alone, with only the unacceptable aspects of yourselves for company, and they reinforce your sense of alienation.

Fortunately, the images you have of yourselves – your sense of identity – are quite invalid: they are limited, imaginary selves that you invented so that you could go and play in your illusion. They do not trust themselves, or one another, because they are each individuals, with individual self-serving agendas, as those are exactly what you needed to play your game of being separate from God. Your imagination is very powerful, which is why you managed to construct such a convincing illusion, and by then inventing and inhabiting bodies that could experience intense physical pain and emotional turmoil, and with which you identified, it became even more convincing and threatening. The worse the experience got, the more convincing it became, until it seemed that even if you were not in pain and suffering in the moment, it was almost certain that very soon you would be. And so the game became one long exercise in essential defensive behavior which could never provide the safety and security that you sought so desperately.

But of course, however real it may seem, it truly is an illusion from which you can and will release yourselves, and the moment when you will do that is rapidly approaching. All those in the spiritual realms are constantly offering you love, and the guidance you need to find your way out of the illusion and home to Reality. Every time you have a loving thought, say a loving word, or engage in a loving action – no matter how small or insignificant it may appear to be – you move inexorably towards awakening. The loving guidance pouring into the illusion to help you is mind-blowing in its abundance and compassion, and consequently, the illusion will be blown from your minds, bringing you to a state of the most wondrous clarity.

All your doubt and disbelief concerning unseen realms that (while you remain contained and restrained within your bodies) seem like pie in the sky, foolish fantasies and wishful- thinking will dissolve. You will finally awaken into the glorious brilliance of God’s divine Reality and recognize it as your eternal Home, in which nothing can occur that would in even the slightest way disturb the infinite harmony and ecstasy with which it embraces you in every moment of your immortal existence.

Your loving brother, Jesus
by John Smallman

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