Monday, March 21, 2011

"The Greys" Alien Hardware: We've Caught up to the Edge of Reality!

More new & wild concepts we are being exposed to in our world!

We've ALWAYS been on the cutting edge. However, it seems my wife and I have actually caught up to the edge ...the edge of reality: What's real and what's not real! Please let me explain.

In general, I know everyone would agree with this statement: Some people believe in God, and others do not. To expand upon this gem of a controversy: Some people believe in Angels, and some do not. Some believe in ghosts, spirits, and anything or everything metaphysical; others do not. Basically, there's a dividing line: Believers and non-believers.

Then amongst the believers, there is every occupation --just as there exists non-believing people in every occupation and industry. Let's go straight to the believing LightWorkers.

As a collective, LightWorkers are those who are working on bringing Light to Mother Earth and Her people, exposing the dark and shedding Light upon every shadow so nothing out of integrity can hide, in order to Ascend. There are conscious and unconscious LightWorkers. We bring Light to our world literally and energetically. Most conscious LightWorkers are aware of their intuitive skills; hence, most conscious LightWorkers believe in the invisible spirit world and its effects upon our physical world.

With that being said, my wife and I have come across LightWorkers who don't believe in extra-terrestrial hardware ...and we find this quite the conundrum. Honoring the scientist within me, OF COURSE I do not advocate blindly believing in something because someone told you it's true ...find out for yourself! Take the theory with a grain of salt, keep it at your periphery, genuinely and thoroughly (like a true scientist) explore its possibilities (actually test the theory), and then make your conclusion.

And so being on the cutting edge all our lives, we actually reached the edge of a reality, the edge of a belief within our culture: Modern society. Funneling down from non-believers to believers, from non-LightWorkers to LightWorkers, from unconscious LightWorkers to conscious LightWorkers, from not believing in ETs to believing in ETs, from not believing in ET hardware to believing in ET hardware, we've found the edge where believing conscious LightWorkers are not believing in ET hardware ...WILD.

It's so amazing to us how LightWorkers who believe in our Spirit World and commune with their Spirit Guides daily through meditation and manifestation do not fully explore other concepts and aspects of the Spirit World. How can one aspect of their mind be open to these concepts, but the rest of their mind (their belief system which already believes in Spirit) prohibit their understanding and belief in other invisible realities that their colleagues, us fellow LightWorkers, ASCERTAIN are true? Of course, the answer is their own biases and limiting beliefs prohibit them, which BY DEFINITION confirms they are not doing a thorough job at addressing and healing their own issues. How funny... quite the conundrum: LightWorkers (and therapists too) trying to teach others but are not practicing what they preach by doing their own work first! yuck.

Of course, I too was highly skeptical first introduced to this concept. However, after finding out more, learning exactly what this is about, and the definitive moment: Having ET hardware removed from me, I am a convert! By the way, I strongly DISCOURAGE you from exploring ET hardware through the Internet, because in this sense, the Internet acts as a Ouija board letting in "bad" energies or entities which can attach themselves and their hardware to you. To learn more, read my blog entry: Remove Your ET Hardware & Reclaim Your Body, which is immediately preceding this blog entry.

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